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    Exploring the Role of Parents

    I need assistance with the following: (Be sure that assistance is with each question) (1) Examine how one takes a leadership role in partnering with parents. (2) What examples can you draw from your authentic professional or personal experience? (3) Be sure to make explicit connections to the required readings as you explor

    Hybrid, and Traditional Learning

    Can someone explain to me the differences, similarities, benefits, and disadvantages of online, hybrid, and traditional learning? Also, please include theorists and theories related to the three. Thank you!

    SMART Goal Format for Growth Plan

    I need help to develop SMART goal format when writing my professional Growth Plan for school administrator. A Professional Growth Plan in which I need to identify a personal goal and a professional goal that reflect a commitment to lifelong learning. Focus in using the SMART goal format: - Specific - Measurable - Attainable

    SMART Goal- Personal and professional goal

    I need help to develop SMART goal format when writing my professional Growth Plan for an administrator. a Professional Growth Plan in which I need to identify a personal goal and a professional goal that reflect a commitment to lifelong learning. Focus on the SMART goal format. Specific Measurable Attainable Releva

    Health Science Lesson

    Do you have any suggestion for the following, 1) I need a current news story (online sites are fine) related to a CA State Health Science Standard for K-5 grade. 2) It can be any standard from any of the K-5 grades. I only need one grade level for a focus.

    Science Lesson: Babylon

    Please see the second posting with the additional documents and the rest of the credit bid. How would I explain this lesson to another person (staff member, parent, student, etc.) in terms of the following: 1) Objectives of the Activity 2) How the Objectives of the Activity are Met 3) Connections of Activity to CA Sc

    Developing a Theory

    I have to create a theory on adult learning and technology. I need help getting started. Credits can be increased if needed. Here are the requirements: Your theory will weave together the two themes: phase and stage theories, and of technology and learning. This creative exercise calls on your imagination. As a novice dev

    Adult Phase Theory and Adult Learning Implications

    How might the adult phase theory affect your practice as a facilitator of adult learning? (Consider your current age as an instructor working with a different age group.) I am also having difficulty finding references for the adult phase theory.

    In-service educational models and teamwork

    I need help to answer two questions: 1. An in-service educational model has five components: planning, implementing, evaluating, applying, and reevaluating. What is the purpose and importance of each? 2. What do you do with a team that is not working collaboratively? How, for example, would you handle the individual who do

    Proactive Response to Messages

    Please help responding to the message below in a proactive way: The supervisor's response, "Hi: Sorry for the late response. I was away on a trip to Beaumont. Unfortunately, no one is available to cover your shift for you. Ram will be working at the prison on Friday, and there is no one else to cover unlike when Sonya was

    Benefits and barriers of action research

    Read the following articles about action research (see attached): "Action Research Fosters Empowerment and Learning Committees" Themes in education: Action research. "Supporting Technology Integration Through Action Research" "Practical Strategies for Facilitating Classroom Teachers' Involvement in Action Research"

    Accreditation of Childhood Education Centers

    Many early childhood education centers are accredited by organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Being accredited by such an organization shows that the center provides a high-quality learning experience that exceeds minimal standard licensing requirements. For this discu

    Philosophy, Mission, and Vision

    According to Gadikowski (2013), "The vision and mission statements of an early childhood program often reflect the organization's philosophy, that is, its beliefs about how children best learn and develop" (Section 1.4). Imagine you have just been hired as the director of a new child care center. Your first task is to develop

    Phases of ADDIE Model

    I need some help answering questions on different models of education: - Discuss the phases of the ADDIE model. - Discuss Gagne's Theory of Instruction model and the connection of Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction within the model. - Define Bloom's Taxonomy, and explain the connection between Bloom's Taxonomy verbs and the

    Ethics Wrong or Right

    This posting briefly assesses this question from a personal vantage point: Do you believe that the rightness or wrongness of an action can be in the nature of the act itself, or do you believe it is in the consequences of the action?

    Teaching Children a Second Language

    Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions: - Can preschool children be taught a second language? Explain strategies that effectively support students who are learning a second language. - What are two ways to support the families of children learning a second language? - One example of a resource you can

    Colleges in the colonial era

    In Chapter 1, Thelin (2011) mentions nine surviving colleges founded before 1781: Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Rutgers, and Pennsylvania. Many feel that these colleges stand out as quality higher education institutions that have acquired prestige and longevity. Do you agree with these v

    Summary of Article on Disabled Students in the Mainstream

    Can you summarize/critique the article: Westberg, S. L. (1996). Meeting the needs of disabled students in the mainstream. National Association of Secondary School Principals.NASSP Bulletin, 80(576), 87. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/216043437?accountid=14375

    Writing Process Lesson Plan for Social Sciences

    What is a standards-based writing lesson that I could be taught to 11th graders that includes the following: 1) Explicit descriptions of teacher strategies and corresponding student activities for each of the following writing stages: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. 2) I would like the lesson plan

    Incorporating Physical Education into a Language Arts Lesson

    1) What is a fun and creative idea for a mini lesson that could be taught to students in the 11th grade which would incorporate PE movement into a lesson in Language Arts? 2) What California standards would be covered for Language Arts? http://www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/documents/finalelaccssstandards.pdf 3) What Cal

    Resilience in American Higher Education

    Large-scale philanthropic contributors, who offered substantial gifts such as foundations, trusts, and estates, were necessary to higher education budgets in order to pay for salaries, services, and the construction of new buildings. This philanthropy in American higher education brought industry and religion together in what w

    Bugscope in the Classroom

    In looking at the Bugscope website (http://bugscope.bckman. uiuc.edu), I am looking for the following: 1) Two ways I could use the Bugscope technology in my high school classroom. 2) Two ways that I could use Bugscope to stimulate inquiry with my students.

    Environmental Scanning in Human Resource Development

    'Describe why it is important to examine the environmental sectors (The Economic sector, The Political sector; The Technological sector; The Social sector; The Market sector; The Geographic sector; The Supplier sector; The Distributor sector).'

    Self-Image, Social Competence, and Self-Efficacy

    Chapter 9 of the textbook explores the principles behind the development of self-image, social competence, and self-efficacy in children. Early childhood educators and families have a crucial role in the positive development of these areas. For this discussion, please create a short article that is at 150 to 200 words long for

    Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) Model

    Scenario: A class of eighth-grade learners at a suburban middle school must master the basic concepts of the U.S. Constitution for an end-of-term assessment. I need help in analyzing this scenario and discussing how you might use the ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) Model to identify the instructional

    Lesson plan using Bloom's taxonomy

    Design a lesson plan for sixth grade math using Bloom's taxonomy for wording and objectives. List possible assistive technology for hearing, visual, speech communication, written communication and mobility plus a synopsis of lesson plan. 800 words please.

    Using NVivo

    See the attached file. Analyze the interview question responses from M4 using NVivo and your developed interview questions and responses. - The details of open, axial, and selective coding data analysis procedures related to interview question responses. - Direct quotes and in-text reference support for all factual statem