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Improving Reading Levels of Third Grade Students

Your year-long project is designed to increase the reading level of students in third grade. You are collecting monthly data and find that after 3 months, reading speed is up 15% but reading comprehension has moved only 2%. Your end-of-year goal was to have a 25% increase in reading speed and a 15% increase in reading comprehens

Adult Education

What is the purpose of adult education in today's society? What do you think it should be? How is this similar or different to its purpose within the health care industry? Please provide 200 words and one reference.

Choosing a Coding System

Hi Just need your assistance with the following part. Two things that need to be address in the paragraph, especially since presenting a rationale, would be how the reasoning relates to theory, a.k.a., (cite references). Also, please address the few instances of passive voice. Provide the team's rationale for choosing the

Interview questions in qualitative research

Discuss how qualitative researchers ensure that the questions they develop for interviews (individual interviews, focus group interviews, or observation notes) are valid and reliable. Your point of discussion should include reflexivity, researcher's voice, and confidentiality in qualitative research. Answer the following,

Scientific Investigation Introduction

Attached Files:File BIOL 2406 Scientific Investigation Introduction.doc (41 KB) Click on the link above to print the introduction to science and the scientific method (BIOL 2406 Scientific Investigation Introduction.) Refer to this document when completing your lab assignment. Read through the description of the scienti

Learning Center for Early Language Development

Describe a learning center that would promote early language development. Your description must include the learning objective of the center, the materials provided, and step-by-step instructions for implementation of the activity. Make sure to include the specific areas of language that the center targets, the approach you wi

AIG Admission

Would this person be considered for admission to an AIG program based on the information below? If so, what is the rationale for either recommending or not recommending? Fictitious name: Mary Hall Grade level: 5, Age: 11 Height: 5/8" Weight: 98 lbs. Appearance: Unattractive, homely IQ: 110 Achievement Q: 82 So

Encouraging Support in Child Development

Chapter 4 describes children in Erikson's initiative versus guilt stage as interested in learning about the world, mastering new skills, and making new friends (Wardle, 2013, p. 80). Reflecting on this, describe in-depth how you can encourage support of these stages in your future role in the early childcare classroom, outdoor

Ethical Situations

Introduction: Because of the increased scrutiny on the actions of corporations and those who act on behalf of organizations, there has been increased attention placed on the ethical actions within organizations. Many organizations have responded to this increased scrutiny by establishing formal ethics programs to address what

Components of a Report, Recommendations and Justification

Please explain the need for and how to fill out the following: A. Format of Report Needs Revision The candidate does not have a subheading for each business form with the required information. A1a. Sole Proprietorship Control, profits, liability are described. Please clarify or discuss three of the following: taxation

Measuring Behavior: Case Study

Please Assist me with the following: Read the case study of Mark, located in Level A, Case 1 of The Iris Center's "Measuring Behavior." ( Using this case study, create a (4 page paper single spaced) positive behavior support plan. Your plan should inc

Generalizing Manners in Students

Could you assist me with the following case study and questions? 'You've taught your students to use good manners in your classroom, such as saying, "Excuse me," "May I...," and "Thank you." Now that they have mastered this skill, you would like them to start using good manners in other environments'. - How will you teac

Children Today

Looking Back Some say our society is creating children who are more independent today than those who were growing up 20 years ago; others contend children today lack independence. Based on your own experiences, reflect on this idea and share your opinion of child development in our society today.

Data Collection in Qualitative Research

For the topic of research: "Understanding the Process of Organizational Strategic Change of a Local DIY Store" (sample size: 13 managerial position employees of the store), please give... - A detailed description of data collection procedures you intend to implement (Interviews and facility observation) for the chosen topic

Ethical Considerations for Qualitative Research

An analysis of the qualitative ethical considerations common to case study -Autonomy -Beneficence -Justice Need to examine four specific strategieson the basis of your population of interest (10 to 14 managerial position employees of a local DIY store), to minimize common qualitative research ethical issues.

Structure Training to Mitigate Bullying in Early Childhood Education

Just need your input on how to structure training in order for all volunteers to be exposed to this bullying case study? From: Me We are aware that bullying is out of hand and I realized that when reading your post it gave confirmation to my previous post. I believe that before parents can be volunteers for conducting obser

Teacher's Concern for Children with Peanut Allergies

I would like help me on a situation case study: 'You are a parent of a child who has a serious peanut allergy. You are meeting with your child's new teacher to explain this allergy and what specific needs your child has. Your goal for this meeting is to ensure your child's comfort and safety in the classroom by communicating

Benefits, Limitations and Processes of Data Collection on

1. Reflecting on the uses for action research and the growing concern over bullying in schools, you determined the need to collect data on aggressive behaviour of kindergarteners in morning recess. Discuss how you will collect this data using parent volunteers. Consider the issues regarding the use of parent volunteers, trainin

Ecological Footprint

Corporations are composed of individuals. An increasing sensitivity of individual citizens to environmental concerns can change the political and economic climate for the whole of society. Individuals must demonstrate strong commitments to environmental ethics in their personal choices and behaviors. The concept of an ecological

Nature is the Most Important Influence on Human Development

The debate concerning the influence of inherited traits and abilities compared to the influence of environment on human development has been argued for decades of nature (heredity) and of nurture (environmental influences). How can I develop a persuasive, research-based argument showing the extent to which nature affects develop

Family Partnerships Concerning Early Childhood Education

Family Partnerships The family-centered approach to early childhood education highlights the importance of the partnership between the family, the early childhood program, and the community to maximize a child's development and learning. Create a fact sheet you can provide to the families in your program that explains the val


The development of attachment is a process that children go through, which families and early care educators can have a positive impact on. Chapter 2 of the text and Nancy Balaban's article, "Easing the Separation Process for Infants, Toddlers, and Families" explains the four types of attachment: Secure attachment Insecur

Wikis, blogs and web-based applications

Design an instructional tool (e.g., blog, wiki, web-application, etc.) that presents information on a topic of your choice, and incorporate at least three of the following elements: - KISS principle (Keep it Simple for Students) - Write clearly and succinctly - Limit information on each page - Use simple graphics that loa

Position Statement

Position Statement In a joint position statement, the Division of Early Childhood and The National Association for the Education of Young Children released this position statement on inclusion and inclusive practice for young children: Early childhood inclusion embodies the values, policies, and practices that support the ri

Qualitative research- sampling techniques

Evaluate various sampling techniques available to a researcher for completing qualitative research (Quota, Purposive, Convenience, Network, Theoretical, and Simple Random). Discuss the practical considerations that a qualitative researcher must consider when selecting a sample (participants) from a population of interest. Also d

Objectivity in Educational Research

(1) Why might objectivity be considered an important goal in both conducting and presenting research? (2) As a scholar-practitioner, do you think objectivity is difficult to achieve? Why or why not? (3) Do you think there is one research method or approach that lends itself to being more " objective"? Why or why not? Us

Due process in education

I need help to write 750 words about the due process in education, how due process is provided to students in context of discipline, search, seizure, and special population. Explain why it is important. Original work only please.

Action research in school culture

Please provide your opinion on the following articles. Higgins, N. A. N. C. Y. (2005). Changing school culture through action research and leadership. Waikato Journal of Education, 11(2), 17-36. Andrews, D., Nonnecke, B., & Preece, J. (2003). Electronic survey methodology: A case study in reaching hard-to-involve Internet

Interactive Instruction

Need help in answering questions. 1. How can a teacher analyze student performance and then adjust instruction based on student performance during instruction? 2. Explain the purpose of a teacher adjustment in instruction. 3. How does a teacher adjustment of instruction relates to the level of student performance? 4. Assess

Student Oral Language Observation Matrix

Use the "Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM)," available on the Center for Applied Linguistics website at, to assess the communicative skills of an English language learner. It may be helpful during your observation to first take field notes of what is happeni