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Identifying problems and hypothesis in scientific method

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Scientists use the scientific method in preparing their experiments. In the "Instructions for Various Assignments" folder is a list of several very important contributions to the greater knowledge. Choose one, then go to the Discussion Board to describe for the rest of us how they used the scientific method. Include:

What the problem was.
What they hypothesized.
How they designed the experiment. (Briefly)
What the results were.
What they concluded.

Your response should be between 200 and 500 words. You must then respond significantly to at least one other learner's post. Please try to choose one that has not already been described. I recommend that you read everyone elses' so that you can get a feel for several great experiments. (40 points)

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The expert identifies problems and hypothesis in scientific methods. Results which are conduced are given.

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What the problem was.
- The problem was the ecological impact that humans have had on the decline of fish species in freshwater ecosystems. This has been a major issue to other species as well as to fish as many species rely on fish within these waters.

What they hypothesized.
- The hypothesis is mercury contamination from human activity has negatively impacted the health of fish resulting in ...

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