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    Explanation and example of steps of the scientific method

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    Scientists use the scientific method to help answer questions and solve problems efficiently. You use the scientific method everyday to solve real-life problems as well. You may not consciously think about each step; however, you apply each step whenever you face a problem. Using an everyday example of a real-life problem, explain the steps of the scientific method.

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    Each science text book defines the steps of the scientific method slightly differently. I consider the following steps to be the core of the scientific method, however you should modify these steps to best match those steps provided to you in your course.

    1. Ask a question
    2. Do background research/observe
    3. Construct a hypothesis
    4. Experiment (test your hypothesis)
    5. Analyzed data ...

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    This is an explanation of the steps of the scientific method: 1. Ask a question; 2. Do background research/observe;
    3. Construct a hypothesis; 4. Experiment (test your hypothesis); 5. Analyzed data and draw conclusions. Each step is applied to an example research project.