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    Brain Development

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    Brain Development

    Brain-based education suggests that physical exercise is important for brain development. Research has shown that in addition to physical exercise, other activities focus on stimulating the social development and intellectual development of young children.

    Gerry, who is still incapable of jumping with both feet, may not be invited to join in a game of jump rope. This is an example of how a child's individual characteristics (motor skills in this case) can affect context (social environment) and influence development (LeFrancois, 2012).

    Reflect back on your own development as a child, or on the development of a child you know, and provide an example of how individual characteristics affected development. Using the text and other scholarly resources, provide some suggested activities or strategies that would provide the necessary support to enhance the affected development. For example, Gerry's teacher notices she is being excluded from the game of jump rope and intervenes by showing Gerry how to twirl the rope. Gerry is now included socially, despite her delayed motor development.

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    I knew a child who was very small for his age, he was short and didn't weigh as much as other children his age. This characteristic affected the development of the child when he attended Junior High School and began to have interests in playing sports. Because of his size, many thought that he couldn't participate in football, a contact sport that would require for the child to be exposed to much bigger children and potentially be hit or have to hit these other children on the field. Although it was mandatory to allow all kids to try out for the team, only the kids that the coach thought were the best could make the A team while others would play on the B team. The A team was the real ...

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    The solution discusses brain development. Brain-based education which is suggested by physical exercise is provided.