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    AIG Admission

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    Would this person be considered for admission to an AIG program based on the information below? If so, what is the rationale for either recommending or not recommending?

    Fictitious name: Mary Hall
    Grade level: 5,
    Age: 11
    Height: 5/8"
    Weight: 98 lbs.
    Appearance: Unattractive, homely
    IQ: 110
    Achievement Q: 82
    Social Q: 76
    Creativity Q: 95
    Nationality: American
    Race: White
    School adjustment: Seeks attention; at times withdrawn; prefers isolation; fails often; daydreams Special skills: Patience with children and elderly or infirm
    Vocational goals: None
    General physical health: Sickly, bedridden, hospitalized often, wears backbrace for spinal defect
    General emotional health: Bites nails, phobias, attention-seeking behavior, dominates
    Family: Conservative; father alcoholic; parents deceased; father completed B.A.;

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    Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted student standards vary by state and local community. This helps reflect the realities of values of a specific area in which the student resides rather than having a blanket policy that applies to all students regardless of where they live. Therefore it is difficult to assess with assurance whether Mary would be considered for admission. Prior to being considered for admission she would need to be recommended which is another ...

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    This is a short discussion of a hypothetical candidates admission to the Academic and/or Intellectually Gifted Program. The standards for admission are discussed. Over 300 words of original text. No sources are provided.