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Choosing a Coding System

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Hi Just need your assistance with the following part.

Two things that need to be address in the paragraph, especially since presenting a rationale, would be how the reasoning relates to theory, a.k.a., (cite references). Also, please address the few instances of passive voice.

Provide the team's rationale for choosing the coding system (described by team member #2)
"The greatest rational for choosing a coding system is for developing common language as well as inter-rater reliability among all team members. In order to increase validity there must be an establishment of a common language, so that whatever code is utilized it will have the same meaning an interpretation among all members as the related meaning of each code was established collaboratively. The coding system also assists in readily identifying trends and patterns when closely analyzing and examining qualitative information".

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The coding systems for rationals are provided. Validity increase languages are discussed.

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The greatest rational for choosing a coding system is to develop a common language as well as inter-rater reliability among all team members. In order to increase validity, there must be an established common ...

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