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    Select the best modulation/coding scheme for a target BER.

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    Design a modulation and coding scheme for a wireless communication system. The system requires spectral efficiency 2.4 bits/symbol. 8-PSK modulations and (n=63, k=51, t=2) linear code, (n=63, k=36, t=5) linear block code, (n=63, k=24, t=7) linear block code and (n=63, k=16, t=11) linear block code are to be considered, where t is the number of errors which the code can correct.

    The desired bit error rate is 6x10^-5 at Eb/No = 10dB what modulation/coding scheme gives the best performance which meets the specifications?

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    The exact BER is hard to get because it really depends on the mapping codewords. So, a variety of BER approximation has been used. This solution used the BER approximation used in sol1.doc.

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    Bit error rate for given modulation/coding schemes is calculated in this solution. The best modulation/coding scheme is selected to satisfy the target BER. The solution is provided in a .pdf attachment.