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    Organizational Strategic Change

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    I need help in developing open-ended interview questions, which help understand the process of organizational strategic change of local DIY store.

    1. Introduction outlining the topic and proposed qualitative methodology.

    2. The 3-5 open-ended research questions, each with 3-5 open-ended interview questions, each, in turn, with 3-5 Socratic follow-up questions.

    3. If applicable, include research questions that could be answered using methods other than interviews. Discuss the other methods that will be used to collect data.
    These sources are mandatory if the proposed qualitative methodology is a case study or grounded theory (observation notes or focus group interview questions).

    4. Validation procedures such as an expert panel review detailing the procedures

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    1. Local home improvement stores or DIY stores are dependent upon their knowledgeable associates to ensure that traffic in the form of customers continues to keep their businesses going. This is even more imperative for local DIY stores because they rely upon local residents more so than the bigger brand-name outlets. The local DIY store in my community has been losing customers and is teetering on the edge of closure. The business is requesting that I conduct an action research study based on qualitative methodology to ascertain how an organizational strategic change policy could benefit the store and improve revenue.
    The methodology will be predicated upon a 4 week study wherein the researcher immerses himself into the store's environment to observe ...

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    The organizational strategic change are provided. The methods which are used to collect data are given.