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    Creating a Story Frame

    I need assistance with this discussion question...... I have attached a file below as an example (sample children's story) of what one of my classmates has completed. This week we learned about some of the possible curricular strategies and interventions that were specific to reading, writing, and math. One of the strategie

    Discovering Computers

    1. Choose 20 of the primary terms and 5 secondary terms relating to computers 2. Write complete definitions of each term

    School discipline

    As the school leader, you are charged with maintaining a safe place of learning. When a student's actions threaten the safety of the other students, what authority do you have to discipline the student? How do you ensure the student's due process rights? What additional legal requirements must you consider if the student is a

    Least Restrictive Environment in School

    Meet with the special education coordinator in the school district with which you are most familiar. Address the following topics during the meeting. 1. What is the special education coordinator's definition of least restrictive environment (LRE)? 2. How is service delivery determined in order to provide LRE in the school

    CBT and REBT Theory Application - Mental Health Counseling

    For this discussion, you will apply either CBT or REBT to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative The Case of Henry in the Resources). Specify how the theory conceptualizes Henry's problem, identify the key concepts that can be applied and discuss two specific interventions you would use with Henry. Identify a limitation

    CBT and REBT Comparison

    Please respond in 250 or more words including all references: CBT and REBT share some similarities, but they diverge in philosophy and approach. Discuss the similarities in the philosophical assumptions of Ellis's REBT and Meichenbaum's CBT. Then discuss how the theories differ in philosophy and approach.

    Comparison of Existential and Gestalt Therapeutic Approaches

    Compare existential and Gestalt therapeutic approaches. Focus on how they are alike and different in therapeutic goal, key concepts, role of the counselor, role of the client, and therapeutic interventions. Briefly describe a client who might benefit from each type of therapy, and provide your rationale.

    Education discrimination

    What responsibilities does an educator have to avoid discrimination in the workplace in the following settings: recruiting, interviewing, work assignments, transfers, discipline, and dismissal?

    Student Assessment

    I need assistance with student assessment. In the text, the Karten (2011), states "Unconditional acceptance in school environments means that the educational staff communicate a message that there is nothing wrong with being wrong" (p. 76). Based on the readings, as well as your personal and professional experiences, what do

    Case Study: Cheryl Ways and Agilent Technology's Layoffs

    Please complete this case study with at least 3 sentences for each question. This is a leadership class on change. Cheryl Ways and Agilent Technology's Layoffs Cheryl Ways, a 30-year-old IT professional, took a call at around 9 p.m. on October 15, 2001, from her husband, who rang complaining about her still being at work

    Audiovisual Technology

    Using Audiovisual Technologies You are the director of instructional technology at a local middle school. Recently, several teachers have come to you for help in incorporating audiovisual technologies into their instruction. You decide to create a tutorial for them. You have two options for completing this assignment. 1. O

    Diverse Learners

    Imagine that you are tasked with an adult English as a Second Language (ESL) class with diverse learners, including: A 22-year-old male Hispanic laborer recently emigrated from Mexico, who needs English to increase his pay, but who has not been to school since age 15 An unemployed 32-year-old single mother who is a Russian

    Contextual Instruction

    Contextualized Instruction consists of three levels; teaching (strategy), curriculum (culturally relevant materials) and policy (specifically in collaboration with parents and communities). Create an activity/lesson that will address all three levels. The activity/lesson should draw on what the students may already know from hom

    Culturally Responsive Skills

    Amatea (2013) suggests when teachers acquire culturally responsive skills for assessing parent engagement and facilitating parent participation, parents are more likely to become active within the school community. Research your local school district. (Or use the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools website - http://www.cms.k12.nc.us/m

    Responding to Crisis of Stress

    As a teacher, you need to be familiar with the various types of stressors than can precipitate a crisis for both students and families. Reflect on the many types of crisis or stress a student or a student's family may be experiencing. Review Figure 5.1 in the attachment, choose one (1) Horizontal Stressor and discuss how you w

    Compassion Fatigue

    Often caretakers find themselves on the edge of fatigue as a result of their work that is exhausting and demanding. Work-on-family conflict and family-on-work conflict are intertwined and can have disastrous impacts upon the performance of workers and their care for patients or also damage relationships within the family unit. T

    Case Study: Risk Facts, Services, and Resources for a Family

    Use the case example of the Simmons family found in the attachment and complete the following: Determine the risk factors for this family. Recommend services or resources for this family. Think specifically about how the school can assist this family. Is there any information you would like to have about the family?

    Reflection on Bullying

    Can you share your personal thoughts and inputs on bullying? . I have a very very long article from the library that I am sending you. Let see at we can use from it as one of my references... Read the following essay, written by Antonio, a fourth-grade student. The Bully in the Mirror Antonio, 4th Grade

    Understanding the FBA

    I need assistance, as I am having trouble with understanding FBA. After reading the presentation Functional Behavior Assessment (http://www.behavioradvisor.com/FBA.html), respond to the following case and questions: Scenario: Johnny is a third grade student with ADHD and has an IEP. He continues to hit other students on the

    Accommodations and Modifications

    I need assistance in explaining Accomodations and Modifiactions. Based on the NICHCY article Supports, Modifications, and Accommodations for Students (http://nichcy.org/schoolage/accommodations), what is the difference between accommodations and modifications? In the student scenario below, write a detailed plan for individu

    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Differentiated Instruction

    Please help me improve the following definitions: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): A scientific approach to understanding behavior and how it is affected by the environment. Behavior refers to all kinds of actions and skills (not just misbehavior), and environment includes all sorts of physical and social events that might c

    Theoretical Basis and Instructional Techniques

    Please help with these questions. Include reference citations within the paragraphs to support reflections. Include a reference list and specific citations from professional literature consulted. 1. What is the theoretical basis of comprehension? 2. How can knowledge of text structures be used to improve reading comprehensio

    Teacher Unions: Collective Bargaining

    Teacher unions maintain that collective bargaining promotes professionalism of the teaching profession and results in higher quality instructors for students. Do you agree or disagree? State and support your reasons with research.

    Key Family System Processes

    Four aspects of family life are described that have been strongly tied to student academic achievement, and they are (a) family beliefs and expectations, (b) family patterns of emotional connectedness, (c) family organizational patterns, and (d) family patterns around learning. Choose one of the key components and add at least

    Prevention of Bullying

    Bullying is a prevalent issue during middle childhood. Watch The Power of One - School Video Sample. Choose one of the situations presented: Diego, Timmy, or Kendra Briefly describe the situation. Offer suggestions that can be put into place by the teacher, school, and the parents (at least one for each). Use the following sour

    Educational Philosophy and Practice

    Describe the beliefs of two education reformers, Pestalozzi and Froebel. Explain their major contributions and their individual educational philosophies and practices, comparing and contrasting their theories. Then examine whether or not their views on education and the nature of children align with biblical principles.

    Environmental Factors Contributing to Bullying

    Private or Public Bully Think about bullying and young children. Do you think that bullying is more apt to happen in a public school setting or a private school setting? Do you think the setting has any effect on bullying, or is it primarily the child's age? Reflect on a bullying incident that you are aware of. The incident c

    Assistive Technology Plan

    I need some help with an Assistive Technology plan for the classroom that identifies the learner, his/her disability and grade level. What are the characteristics of the students' educational strengths and what would be the students' needs? How would the Student's family be involved in the classroom challenges and the existing