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The Freedom's Granted to Teachers

Question: What freedoms do teachers have in presenting their curriculum? Should administration have the ability to limit the information teachers present? Include cases to support your views.

Teacher Due Process

A principal has received a parent complaint suggesting a teacher inappropriately touched a student and is requesting the teacher be fired. How should the principal legally handle the situation? What is the due process that should occur for the teacher? What recourse, if any, does the teacher have if the accusations are unfounded

Children Unhealthy Eating

I have a discussion post that I would like your thoughts and inputs on the following questions Proper health and nutrition is of critical importance to the growth and development of young children yet many American children eat in ways that do not meet proper nutrition guidelines. According to the American Academy of Pediatr

Types of Speeches

For this task you are to do a short informative speech (No more the 3 minutes) written out.

Dealing with Grief

Question: Where would you go for resources to help you deal with your own grief? Why would you choose that source, and how much help do you think you would get? Please include references. Thank you

Examing a Basal Series

If you ask most teachers to describe the type of reading program in their school, they would include the word "balanced," which can imply any combination of a variety of descriptors: whole language and phonics, small group and whole group, guided reading and shared reading, basal textbooks and technology-based resources, etc. It

Impacting a student's learning experience in the classroom

This student has cerebral palsy and attends school through both online and at the physical campus, what three AT devices would allow a 16 year old female student attend college that can be used to support in her transition to college and how can these devices be implemented in the classroom?

Impacting a student's learning experience

How can I describe three assistive technologies that will allow a five year old that is visually impaired have access to grade level context and participate with her peers in the classroom and how can each of the technologies will be implemented for the student? What would be the results upon the use of these assistive technolo

Individual Alternative Grading Methods Paper

Identify alternative grading methods for students with special needs. Provide examples of appropriate uses of each alternative grading method. In addition, provide 1 to 2 resources.

Fundamentals of Pshycologial Learning

The final SLP assignment has two parts. 1) First, take the free online Learning Styles inventory at: Then thoughtfully reflect upon the following questions: What is YOUR preferred learning style? Were you able to use your learning style when you were a student in the p

Authentic Assessments

Prepare a research-based and professional practice-based rationale that supports the use of authentic types of assessments. (By "professional practice" we mean the literature written by educators who describe how and why they use authentic assessment methods). Please examine multiple strategies of authentic assessment, inc

Fundamentals of Pshycological Learning

In the previous module you began to develop your personal teaching philosophy by examining how you teach and why. Building on your work from the previous module, reflect on and respond to the following: Do you consider yourself to be a constructivist teacher? Explain why you feel the way you do. Where do your teaching pract

Entrepreneur Assessment

Entrepreneurship is a concept that I am very knowledgeable about as I engaged in entrepreneurship for nearly 8 years of my life before working at my current position. The role of an entrepreneur is a three pronged role that requires astute business sense, charisma and good people skills, and a resilient mindset that isn't afrai

Give a Sample of a Language Develop Objective

How do the four aspects of language arts inform the development of objectives? Write a language objective, including all four aspects of language arts, for the following content objectives?

School Violence and Case Law

What do you believe is the school's responsibility regarding student violence? How does this relate to the concept of in loco parentis? Discuss the pros and cons of a zero-tolerance policy. Base your views on case law.

Students and their Future Professions

Carole I also have a reflection paper that I need help with if you have time. Sharing your thoughts would be great. The reflection should include the following: Brief discussion of the student's future profession and how understanding the nature of families and children in relation to society is important for that professi

Child Socialization Decision

Hi there! Are you ready to give this a try? I sure hope so. I have not a clue how to do a power point?? All your help will be greatly appreciated Your good friends have just adopted a four-year-old child. At this point, the only socialization decision they have made is that the child is going to preschool. Imagine that

Self-Determination and Transition Planning

Read Wehmeyer's (2002) article Self-Determination and the Education of Students with Disabilities ( What is your understanding of self-determination and the role it can play in the life of a student with a disability

Creating a Story Frame

I need assistance with this discussion question...... I have attached a file below as an example (sample children's story) of what one of my classmates has completed. This week we learned about some of the possible curricular strategies and interventions that were specific to reading, writing, and math. One of the strategie

Using Smartart as a Tool

Briefly analyze why SmartArt is a useful tool. Compare the difference between including SmartArt in a document versus text alone.

Discovering Computers

1. Choose 20 of the primary terms and 5 secondary terms relating to computers 2. Write complete definitions of each term

School discipline

As the school leader, you are charged with maintaining a safe place of learning. When a student's actions threaten the safety of the other students, what authority do you have to discipline the student? How do you ensure the student's due process rights? What additional legal requirements must you consider if the student is a

Appropriate Lesson Planning

Please address the following question using specific examples from your professional experience and cite the textbook or other scholarly resources. Why is it important to consider the background of the students and possible assessments used when designing a lesson? How does this lead to student achievement?

Least Restrictive Environment in School

Meet with the special education coordinator in the school district with which you are most familiar. Address the following topics during the meeting. 1. What is the special education coordinator's definition of least restrictive environment (LRE)? 2. How is service delivery determined in order to provide LRE in the school

CBT and REBT Theory Application - Mental Health Counseling

For this discussion, you will apply either CBT or REBT to the case of Henry (see the case study narrative The Case of Henry in the Resources). Specify how the theory conceptualizes Henry's problem, identify the key concepts that can be applied and discuss two specific interventions you would use with Henry. Identify a limitation

CBT and REBT Comparison

Please respond in 250 or more words including all references: CBT and REBT share some similarities, but they diverge in philosophy and approach. Discuss the similarities in the philosophical assumptions of Ellis's REBT and Meichenbaum's CBT. Then discuss how the theories differ in philosophy and approach.

Comparison of Existential and Gestalt Therapeutic Approaches

Compare existential and Gestalt therapeutic approaches. Focus on how they are alike and different in therapeutic goal, key concepts, role of the counselor, role of the client, and therapeutic interventions. Briefly describe a client who might benefit from each type of therapy, and provide your rationale.