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Technology Tools and Design Considerations for Online Learning

I need help with documenting design principles to help develop for online learning. I need resources as a guide to help me write my own paper. I've been looking but don't clearly understand these questions. Here are the questions and the details are attached. 1. Assess the impact that bandwidth, resource availability, and i

Employee Injury Costs

Scenario: An employee is entering a work area and slips on a wet floor. After going to the emergency room, it has been determined that the employee has a sprained left wrist. Questions: 1. What are some of the direct costs of this incident? Estimate the value of these costs. 2. What are some of the indirect costs? Estimate

Audio for e-Learning

Listen to the podcasts "Introduction and why use audio for learning?" and "Audio has limitations but lean back and enjoy it" where Clive Shepard discusses the importance of using audio in e-learning: Why use audio for e-learning? Going one step further, why

Role of Supervision in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

-Discuss the role and functions of supervision in clinical mental health counseling? -Describe the different models (individual, triadic, and group), methods (audio and video records, live supervision, bug-in-the-ear/eye), and theories used in clinical mental health counseling supervision? -Discuss the kinds of supervision tha

Case Study: Student Disengaged During Lessons

Louis is working 5 weeks into the school year at a high-need school, the he notices that one of his fourth grade students is consistently disengaged during lessons. He rarely answers questions, and when teacher call on him, he typically shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know." Even when other students are engaged, the teac

Inquiry based model & constructivism

Compare and contrast the inquiry-based model of instruction with the project method. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. Explain how the use of reading/learning strategies is related to brain research and constructivism.

Theories of Leadership - Etzioni and Parson

The members of your faculty are in an uproar over the expansion of required hours of service to cover the cost of other cutbacks. All faculty members are being asked to provide an additional three hours each week in the forms of administrative duties; these could involve calling parents of absent students, notifying parents tha

Providing Opportunities for Development in Infants and Toddlers

After navigating the Zero to Three website, write a response to the following: Parents and caregivers can provide opportunities for development in infants and toddlers. Describe how these opportunities relate to the child's environment. Make three suggestions for impacting a child's environment and promoting development. Make

Ages and Stages for Caregivers

Choose one of the Ages and Stages for Caregivers: 1-4 Months, 5-8 Months, 9-12 Months, 12-18 Months, 18-24 Months, 2 Years to elaborate on. Summarize the stage of development for your chosen age group in the areas of language, physical and social development in 250-300 words. Make two references to your source within your respon

Learning Communities and Social Change

What are your thoughts on how learning communities can influence social change? What are your opinions about learning communities reaching out to civic leaders?

Case of Todd: Wellness, Resilience, and Treatment Planning Goals

Case of Todd: create a brief treatment plan at least 3 short-term and 3 long-term goals to promote wellness and resilience with this client. Discuss how you as the counselor will assist the client in reaching these goals. At least 250 words. Formatted text of the transcript in the attachment. -------------- Dr. Sylinda G

Program Development

Describe your community in terms of population, including diverse population (age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and exceptional ability. What are some of the social concerns in your community (crime, employment, education, access to serices, et cetera)? What populations are impacted by these concerns? What re

The International Reading Association Statement

The International Reading Association's 1999 position statement states, "There is no single combination of methods that can successfully teach all children to read. Therefore, teachers must have a strong knowledge of multiple methods for teaching reading and a strong knowledge of the children in their care so they can create the

Adolescent Pregnancy Research

Adolescent pregnancy is viewed as a high-risk situation due to the serious health risks that this creates for the mother, the baby, and society at large. Describe various risk factors or precursors to adolescent pregnancy. Research community and state resources (in California) devoted in adolescent pregnancy and describe at leas

Wellness, Resilience, and Treatment Planning

Please help with the given question for an assignment. What is resilience? How can clinical mental health counselors promote resilience in their work with clients and communities? Please include all references. Thank you.

Education in action

Imagine you have been contacted by a local job service to present information on wellness and resilience to its employees and administration. The supervisor is hoping to prevent "burn-out" among these professionals. Create an outline for your presentation and discuss your rationale for including specific topics. Be sure to suppo

Pretraining Principles

Summarize pre-training principles. Explain appropriate uses of pre-training.Please provide some reference sources for further research.

Problem Encountered in a Real World Teaching Situation

Amanda teaches elementary school art at a small school outside of Detroit. Within her department, only one other teacher on staff teaches the same courses as her. The other teacher, Maureen, has been difficult to work with, largely because she refuses to acknowledge the state standards within their subject. Instead, she plans

Getting Parents More Invested in Their Children's Education

Rene teaches kindergarten in Utah. He has been at the same school for 20 years, and during that time he has seen the school population change enormously. When he started, the majority of his students were well-supported at home and he knew all of their parents by name. As time has gone on, he has had more students with parents w

Targeted Essential Learning

Targeted Essential Learning Effective literacy teaching focuses on research-based strategies and utilizes student assessment data in order to plan instruction that improves student achievement. (APTS 1, 3, 4, 5; INTASC 4, 8) Assessment Tool Selected 1) Data-based lesson plans 2) Intervention activities Specific Perform

District and Board issues, stakeholders in education

Joseph Hanson lives in a small community in southern California with a school district that serves approximately 4800 students. He is a parent of two boys and one girl. His oldest son is academically gifted and filled with a love of learning that's evident regardless of who his teacher has been along the way. His daughter is aca

E-Learning Environments

Watch the following video: Then answer the following question: Review present e-learning environments (audio, video, graphics, collaboration, social networking, smartphones, Web 2.0, and other forms of technology). De

Benchmark Assessment

What is a benchmark and what purpose does it serve? How much testing is too much testing? Should districts rather than classroom teachers be preparing and requiring assessments? What if a teacher wants to plan their curriculum not in alignment with the district benchmarks? Should that be allowed?

A Real World Teaching Situation: Formative Assessment

Andre is a social studies teacher at a high school near Boulder, CO who is currently instructing on the French revolution. Even though he is happy with the amount of time he planned for the unit and the progress that has been made, routinely he has spare 5-10 minutes remaining at the end of the class with no planned activities.

Catering to Differences in Accessibility Among Students

Megan teaches a sixth grade art class in a small school near Austin, TX. Most of her classes have 15-20 students of varied skill levels, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds. Some of then have access to computers and technology, but many live in homes where technology is not readily accessible. She wants to find a way to emb

Creating Curriculum: Developing a Final Project

Jeff teaches a middle school art class at Charlottesville Jr. High in Charlottesville, VA. His school serves a diverse population of students, and within his classroom he has students of varied ethnicities and abilities. Over the course of the year, his students will be completing a variety of projects in a number of different a

Case Study: Teaching Elementary School

Anthony teaches elementary school math in NY City. Most of his students come from wealthy families who come to class very prepared skill-wise for the teaching that takes place in his classroom. As a final project, he wants each of his students to present one of the concepts from the term to the rest of the students. Within their