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Learning Comparison: Web 2.0 Technologies

Learning Comparison: Web 2.0 Technologies Compare aspects of asynchronous and synchronous learning. The comparison must include differences in facilitation strategies. Why your choice is appropriate for the subject matter?

First day of school welcoming activity

Imagine it is the first day of school and you are welcoming a whole new set of students to class. Create your own welcoming activity for the first day of school that demonstrates how you will incorporate differentiation through a growth mindset. You are not limited to any particular format, but you must address the following: 1

ADDIE Model and Instructional Needs

The analysis stage of the ADDIE model is essential in determining if an instructional need exists and if that need can be bridged by an instructional intervention. While a comprehensive front-end analysis is often needed, there may be times when a simple needs assessment will suffice to identify the instructional need. First, d

Synchronous Learning and Retaining Students

Do you have examples of institutions that use synchronous learning and their success in retaining students? Many online students need the flexibility of signing on when their schedules permit.

ELL Learner Standards and Progress

1. How can the Arizona or TESOL English learner standards be used as a guide for differentiating instruction for various levels of ELLs? 2. How can data from various sources relating to the learners' progress be used as a tool to drive the standards-based instruction? 3. How do the varieties of standards available to teach

Misbehavior of Children in Physical Education Class

Explain the role you as the teacher play in shaping and controlling student behavior. How do policies, procedures and routines impact behavior? Write a list of common actions of children who misbehave in physical education class. Describe the emotional/social constraints that may be attributed to these behaviors. Provide both

Discussing Instructional Design

Please help come up with a definition of instructional design and determine what is most important, is it the content, the context, or the learner? I feel the learner is most important because being in tune with the learning style of the learners involved can help create a curriculum better tailored for a student's learning and/

Critically Evaluate an Empirical Article

How do you critically evaluate an empirical article and how does the information from the article fit to support a doctoral journey? Why is this skill important to doctoral studies?

Physical Education

Identify research articles that pertaining to at least two issues that impact quality of Physical Education in either a positive or negative way.

The Internet and Synchronous Learning

Discuss the tools that synchronous learning utilizes and their effectiveness compared to traditional, in-person classroom tools. Additionally, discuss the role the Internet has played in developing synchronous learning.

Integrating content curriculum in physical education

Hi, Debbie, I need your help and thoughts on this. List and discuss strategies teachers should use when integrating content curriculum in physical education. Explain one strategy or activity that can be used to integrate Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies into physical education (there should be four separate

Games in an Instructional Environment

What is the proper use of games in an instructional environment? In a technology for the adult learners type class, share one game, which you feel is instructional, challenging, and worth including in any such class.

The Importance of Literature Review

Describe and emphasize the importance of the literature review. Is the literature review important to sound research or simply a formality? Why?

Anayzing Literature Reviews

Drawing upon what you learn from any literature review reading, briefly explain the purpose of a literature review. Is the literature review important to sound research or simply a formality? Why?

Comparing and Contrasting Physical Education Equipment

Think back to when you were a child and reflect on the facilities, equipment and supplies you used for physical education. If you have a park or school in your area, compare and contrast what you used to what is available now. If you have children of school age, compare and contrast to what they use. How have things changed? Are

Think Back to Your Primary and Secondary School Experience

Think back to when you were in school. Did you wonder how the topics were chosen for your class? Did the teacher choose the topics or did the school district choose? How has curriculum development changed since you initial school experience (in the late 80's early 90's)? Compare and contrast what is the same and what is now diff

Psychosocial Stages of Development - Mental Health Counseling

The psychosocial crisis for young adults is intimacy versus isolation. After you have viewed the movie (from the list provided in the second study in this unit), prepare a post that answers the following: What is the movie you selected to view? Which character within the movie best describes the challenges during this stag

Mental Health Counseling: Role of Supervision in Your Professional Work

Supervision provides many benefits for the supervisee throughout the training and professional career. Be sure to focus on ethical considerations when looking at the benefits of supervision. Describe two benefits of supervision during your counselor training. Describe two benefits of continuing supervision after your formal t

Supervision Within the Counseling Context - Mental Health Counseling

When you reach the fieldwork stage of your program, you will be receiving weekly supervision at your fieldwork site from your site supervisor, as well as group supervision from your faculty supervisor. - Discuss the differences between the two models of supervision: individual and group. - Discuss the key elements of the couns

Life stage summary

Based on your knowledge on the two psychosocial stages of development infancy and toddlerhood, complete the following: Describe the critical periods of transition or crisis for these stages. Include elements related to developmental, psychological, and behavioral characteristics. Explain how your knowledge of these stages i

Process and Product Evaluation

I would like your input on the differences between process and product evaluation. Can you give me examples of each type of evaluation? I would like your thoughts on the value of each type of evaluation. What do you think is the significance of focusing on the process in physical education? How will this information help me as a

The Role of Student Affairs in the Educational Process

Describe the scope of programs that fall under student affairs on that campus. What are the standards and theories that support student development concepts and support a professional student affair position on a campus? Blimling, G. S., & Whitt, E. J. (1999): Chapter 2. Colby, A., Ehrlich, T., Beaumont, E., & Stephens, J. (

Tools that enable a synchronous online environment

Are tools that enable a synchronous online environment as effective as the face-to-face contact in a traditional classroom environment? Explain your answer. Provide specific examples and include references as necessary.

Causes and Effects

In this exercise, the effects were given, but the causes had to be determined. I need help to ensure that the causes are correct: Cause: Using horses made it easier to do pull travois Effect: Plains indians used horses to pull travois instead of dogs to pull travois. Cause: The Indians needed shelter Ef

Article Summary: "Fighting fire with psychology"

For many years, fire safety engineers worked under a simple assumption: When a fire alarm rings, people will evacuate immediately. How quickly people manage to vacate a building, they believed, depends mainly on physical abilities, the location of the nearest exit and the behavior of the fire. But work by psychologists and ot

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers: 1. What training is needed for personnel in the use of fire extinguishers? 2. What cheminicals(s) is/are in a chemical fire extinguisher? 3. What is a water fire extinguisher? 4. What are the classifications of fire extinguishers and which one is used on which type of fire? Emergency P