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Assessment & Evaluation Q&A for a Corporate Trainer in an organization.

Assume that you you are a Corporate Trainer for a medium to large organization. Answer each of the questions below in 3-5 sentences. 1. Explain how you provide feedback to learners and how student feedback contributes to the methods used in your training sessions. 2. Explain how you ensure learners have acquired the skills

Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom

I don't have a classroom yet, so I'm not sure what the right thing to do for this task. I could use some help with ideas. How do you integrate phonemic awareness into your classroom? Describe a success story. If you currently do not integrate phonemic awareness, relate how you might integrate phonemic awareness into your clas

Most Difficult Aspect of Assessments

What is your opinion with these two videos and this DQ? What do you anticipate to be the most difficult aspect of assessment planning, assessment delivery, and assessment reporting? Lean On Me (1989) Principal Joe Clark addresses students: Welcome to the New East Side High Principal Joe Clark Addresses Students: 'Welc

College for Everyone

Take a look at the following interesting article: http://chronicle.com/article/Faculty-Burnout-Has-Both/65843/ Faculty Burnout Has Both External and Internal Sources, Scholar Says An interesting part to this article is the end where faculty post their comments. Thoughts? Do you believe all people in this country should g

Training and Training Environments

Just need your input with these 2 DQs. 1. You are a trainer delivering a course on teamwork. What is one example of a formative assessment and one example of a summative assessment that may be used in the training session? "Assessments of learning outcomes are often what some people call summative assessments: the kind o

Activity Plan for a Classroom

Chapter 4 of the text focuses on learning standards for communication and literacy. For this discussion, please consider the following learning standard: "Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet." Develop and share an activity plan for a class serving four year old children and share how this activity plan supports a child'

Assessments in the Teaching of Reading

Consider the importance of using a variety of assessments in the teaching of reading. Create a chart that identifies various types of informal, formal, formative, and summative assessments (e.g., DRA, running records, DIBELS, etc.) used to assess children's reading abilities. Compare and contrast a minimum of five assess

Finishing Assignments

Hi Just need your input and opinion. As an instructor, how would you manage to provide feedback on an assignment turned in at 11:59 PM, and the student starts working on the next assignment immediately? How would your feedback timeline look?

Deficit Theories and Low Socio-Economic Standing/School Performance

Theorists warn against the continued use of deficit theories to connect low social-economic standing to failure in school. They have left a lasting mark on schools. Identify a student from a low socio-economic status who is not succeeding. How much of that failure is due to forces beyond his or her control and a mismatch betw

The Misuse of Cellphones

1. Describe the problem- in this case, the misuse of cellphones. 2. Propose a solution to this problem and describe how your proposed solution would work to reduce the misuse of cellphones. 3. Address two objections that are related to your proposed solution. 4. Show how the solutions would work, despite the objections that

Technology Software for the Classroom

Hi, I need assistance developing a technology showcase presentation. I am having some trouble getting started. Task: Research, compile, and present as a media presentation, three (3) software application sources which can be used to enhance training or teaching in the classroom.

Different Training Methods for Different Learner Types

Do you believe that different learners respond differently to various training methods? Do some learners respond better to group training and some better to individualized training? Describe the circumstances of a training experience you did not feel was beneficial. Do you feel it was because of the training method or your motiv

Using Cubing as a Teaching Method

I need an explanation of: - How cubing taps into different intelligences - How cubing differentiates for learning - How a teacher can assesses the readiness level of her students for cubing activities - How we use cubes in the classroom

Challenging Reading Programs

What principles of an effective reading program do you find challenging? What strategies would you employ to improve your success with these challenging principles?

Counselling: Early Adulthood Decisions

Many decisions that yound adults are challenged to resolve during this stage of development. Review the information on intimate relationships, adjustment to marriage, and decisions regarding childbearing. What are some of the key elements that will be important for you as future counselors to take away from this stage of develop

Positives in Collaboration and Mentoring

Not all collaborative or mentoring efforts result in positive outcomes. What are some circumstances or characteristics that influence the effects of collaborations and mentoring in educational design?

Balanced approach to literacy

How does the notion of a balanced approach to literacy inform your teaching of reading? Provide specific examples to support your position.

Learner Objectives and Stimulating Learning

Using a hierarchical pattern of learner objectives, like Bloom's taxonomy, what types of activities and outcomes are likely to stimulate learners to be critical thinkers, capable of analyzing and applying principles to practice?

Tools for Online Educators

1. As an online eductor/facilitator/teacher, which tech tools would you use in teaching, which have allowed for the most engaging experiences for you in terms of concept mastery, and how would you ensure that all students in your class can use the chosen tools? 2. Hall & Hord (2007) discusses the importance of addressing the

Perspectives on Death and Dying

Your post should be 500 words and have the following two parts: Summary of the Interview Include the following in your summary: -Describe the position of the individual that you interviewed and how that relates to both long term care of the elderly and end of life issues. -Identify how the caregiver takes into considerat

Theoretical Perspectives on Teaching Reading

Since the 1980s, differing theoretical perspectives on teaching literacy have been proposed. In addition to the readings, research a minimum of three articles that you can use to support your analysis. Please analyze and state the major themes, issues, and influences derived from these perspectives. 1. Relate these perspectives

Consider the constructivist and explicit instruction views of teaching reading.

Consider the constructivist and explicit instruction views of teaching reading. Develop a chart that compares and contrasts the two views. Include two to three reading activities for each philosophy and two to three assessments that correlate with each philosophy. Write a summary essay of 1,000 words in which you describ

Legal and Ethical Issues with Using Technology in an Adult Classroom

Consider legal and ethical issues, such as intellectual property, copyright, fair use, and privacy policies that the organization must address when implementing the modernized system. Create 10 questions and answers that address the legal and ethical issues when using technology in an adult classroom. Note: Questions can