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    The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project

    Review the The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project and consider what elements of the project made it inquiry-based? What did you see that indicated the students were learning? What information would you include from the project to persuade family members and administrators that inquiry-based curriculum is effective?

    Tenure, Exigencies, and Faculty Rights

    What is tenure? What institutional rights must be preserved? When may financial exigencies be applied in the removal of faculty? Equal pay/comparable worth Termination of tenured faculty for cause Due process in financial exigencies Part-time faculty rights Sexual harassment Are faculty employers or employees?

    Faculty Rights and Collective Bargaining

    Hi, I need assistance discussing faculty employment rights in general, along with discussing collective bargaining as it applies to higher education. I am not too sure how to approach this and write something which flows well.

    English Language Learners, Assessments, and Measuring ELL Students

    Create three different, original, and appropriate alternative assessments to be used for measuring intermediate level ELL student progress. The assessments should be supportive in providing snapshots of both oral and written language development and performance. Once created, explain how you could use the data gathered from

    Discussing Learning Strategies and Techniques

    Answer the following questions: 1. How does an adult educator demonstrate that he/she is using appropriate modification strategies for assignments, instructions, and assessments for diverse adult learners? 2. How might a multicultural point of view or perspective affect interpersonal relationships in an adult learning setting

    Policies in Business and Academic Institutions

    Could you please tell me what you think about these topics?: Most regulations and policies are established to give organizations, businesses, institutions, guidelines for developing a system of checks and balances. They should not be feared, or neglected. 1. Are there any glaring differences between business policies and

    Encouraging Appropriate Behavior in the Classroom

    Background Student: Doug Age: 7.9 Grade: 2nd Grade, 2nd Semester Scenario Doug loves science and hands-on activities. He is interested in dinosaurs and robots, and enjoys using the computer to play games. Doug has shared that he likes putting together "Lego" sets and has brought several in to the classroom to share.

    Criteria for universities

    What criteria are valid for universities in reviewing the actions of fraternities and sororities? Can the university require codes of conduct for student organizations? What rights and nondiscrimination principles must a university protect in regards to student organizations? What liability does an institution incur f

    Teacher's role in developing a behaviour intervention plan for students

    Hi, I would like to know what you think about the teacher's role in developing a behaviour intervention plan for students. I would like your input on the family, assessment, classroom environment, and examples of interventions. I would like to compare what you think with what I have. As always, your input is very valuable to

    Subjects and Predicates

    Draw a slash mark (/) between the complete subject and the complete predicate in the sentences below. Identify the simple subject and underline the simple predicate. 1. The whole family travels in our new camper. 2. Everybody helps to pitch the tent under a tree. 3. They will use a compass on their hike. 4. A good f

    Preparing an ergonomic report

    One of the most common tasks performed by Safety Professionals or the Industrial Hygienist is observation. We will begin to use what we have learned in this course as well as in other safety courses and apply it to an everyday work assignment--not your own-- but another of your choosing. I suggest the following: Supermarket s

    Developmentally appropriate learning curriculum

    I have obtained a position as a student teacher and have been given the opportunity to create a plan for a preschool. The lead teacher wants me to create a weeklong plan that, in accordance to this school, subscribes to the statements in the position statement of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. I ne

    Innovative Tools and Analyzing Material

    1. Visit a hardware store, home improvement store, or equivalent. Describe one innovative or "different" tool if you can find one. Describe the tool and what makes it innovative or different. If you cannot find an innovative or different tool, describe a traditional tool and identify a fault with this traditional tool. You shou

    Social Context and Challenging Behaviors in Young Children

    I have been reading chapter 8 of my textbook: Kaiser, B. & Rasminsky, J.S. (2012), Challenging Behavior in Young Children: Understanding, Preventing and responding Effectively, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. Please discuss social context. What I have to consider about this topic is when working to prevent challeng

    How character, integrity, and conscience is defined.

    1. How would you define character, integrity, and conscience? Look up the definitions and apply the meaning or characteristic of each as it pertains to you. Do not cut and paste your answers. 2. Look up the general terms of "Ethics" and "Workplace Ethics". As you read through them, explain in your own words, what this means t

    Student Rights

    What issues relating to students' rights are involved in emerging areas like: a. Freedom of speech, religion and student fee b. Voting rights c. Organization recognition. Hate speech codes d. Gay rights e. Sexual harassment f. Commercial speech What are the implications of FERPA as they relate to the handling of studen

    Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

    1. Must the admission process be free of any constitutionally prohibited criteria, "color blind"? 2. What are the constitutionally prohibited criteria? 3. Can advantage be given to a select group based on past disadvantages? 4. Can race, ethnic origin, or gender be considered as a criteria for admissions? 5. Can targets o

    Civil Rights Act of 1964: Equity in the Admission Process

    Please provide assistance answering the following questions which are related to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 1. What criteria should be used in the admission process? 2. What is the difference between the meaning of equity or that of equality? 3. What are the goals to be achieved in disestablishing the Dual System of High

    Functional Behavioral Assessment

    This question is about Functional Behavioral Assessment - Describe how teachers collect data in order to determine the functions of a behavior. - Analyze the importance of collecting and reviewing data before implementing specific interventions to address challenging behavior. - Discuss how these behaviours might be modif

    Reach, Attitude, Develop (RAD)

    Describe in detail a strategy that you use in the classroom and how you believe this strategy demonstrates RAD teaching strategies.

    Collective Bargaining within Union Environment

    Take a moment to reflect regarding the use of a collective bargaining agreement and what impact it may have on you in your current position. Would you be interested in working in a union environment? Would you be supportive of a union coming into your working environment? Would you be supportive of removing a union from your wor

    Psychographic Factors' Effect on Learning Approach

    1. How has affirmative action affected one's organization? Is affirmative action necessary in today's society? Why or why not? 2. How have psychographic factors affected one's approach to learning? Does your approach to learning differ from that of your parents? Why or why not?

    Job Goal Achievements

    Work: On an oil field as a spooler. Goal#1: Show up 10 minutes prior to work Goal#2: Complete a JSA on every location at work Goal#3: Wear proper PPE on every location at work To conserve space here, goal#1, goal#2 and goal#3 should follow the same pattern. 1. Steps to achieve my goal. 2. Obstacles to be overcome.

    Self-Select Groupings

    Please help answer the following question. How do participants of self-selecting groupings influence adult learning situations?

    Course Syllabus and Instructional Agenda

    Research elements of effective course syllabi and instructional agendas. Review any Instructional Plan or Plans of your choice, or a digitized version of a post-secondary plan or training plan, to use in creating a course syllabus and an instructional agenda. Report on the following in a PowerPoint Presentation: - The import