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Serving Students with Physical or Health Impairments

What are the responsibilities and experiences needed by special educators who serve student with physical or health impairments? What is the significance of motor development, specifically the difference between typical and atypical motor development of a child with the special needs? What is the impact of physical and health im

Educational Innovations

Educational innovations, such as dynamic assessment and FCL (Fostering Communities of Learners) classrooms, have incorporated insights about learning and development from the sociocultural theories. Choose either dynamic assessment or FCL. Define your choice, and discuss how it incorporates insights about learning and developmen

Developing a Gender Equity Plan

1. Develop a gender equity plan for implementation to reduce achievement gaps between male and female learners that include an innovative instructional strategy, program, or project. 2. How can I analyze factors that contribute to the persistence of the achievement gaps between male and female learners?

The Waldorf Education Program

Could you please help me understand more about the Waldorf education program. How does the Waldorf education program best serve the interests of children and their families? Describe the features of the program that you would likely incorporate in your own classroom.

Addressing Bias in Intelligence Testing Using the Triarchic Theory

Daniel, an eight-year-old child from a poor, inner-city neighborhood, is given a traditional IQ test. One section of the IQ test involves defining various words. "Yacht" is one of the words that Daniel is asked to define. Briefly discuss why the test administrator should be cautious when interpreting Daniel's performance on t

Educational Research Methods

Can you help with a contrast and comparison of the following: - Traditional versus action research - Various types of action research (participatory, practical, collaborative, teacher, school-wide, district-wide) - Quantitative versus qualitative research (strengths/weaknesses)

Parker Palmer's "Courage to Teach".

I read Parker Palmer's "Courage to Teach," but don't quite understand what he's getting at. Can you walk me through some of the main points of the text?

Bettering Teacher Encouragement

Describe the following and give examples how a teacher/school can encourage - Parenting Knowledge and Skills - Communication Between the Home and School - Volunteering at the School and in the Community - Supporting Student Learning at Home - Involvement in Decision Making and Advocacy - Collaboration with the Commun

Topics for the Action Research Project

What are some topics of need for future research in the area Action Research Project? How might one be able to contribute to future literature or practices in the field?

Instructional System Design Model (ISDM)

The assessment phase is the last phase in the Instructional System Design (ISDM) Model. Through comparing and contrasting different assessment tools, there are various strengths and weaknesses with assessment tools. Explain the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of assessment tools in the design and development p

Exploring Gardner's Eight Intelligences

Name each of Gardner's Eight Intelligences and give an example (activities and lesson ideas) of how to incorporate this modality in your early childhood classroom.

The Master of Business Administration Program

I am conducting some research and I need your answers regarding the following questions: - How has your academic and/or professional work experience prepared you for an MBA program? - How will an MBA help you achieve these career objectives? - What strategies and resources have you developed to assist with your success in a

Increasing the Reading Level of Third Graders

While working on a 12 month project to increase the reading level of third graders, you collect monthly data and find that after 3 months of reading, speed has increased 15% and comprehension has only increased 2%. The goal was to have a 25% increase in reading and a 15% increase in comprehension. What is the next step after th

Does Soft Music During Study Increase Test Scores

An action research project collects pretest, interim, and posttest data to determine if soft music played during study time increased math scores. Classroom A heard soft music over a 6 week time frame and Classroom B did not. In the next 6 week time frame, Classroom B heard soft music over a 6 week time frame and Classroom A

Making the Classroom Safe

Young children come from diverse families and diverse social groups. The classroom should be a place where children feel safe and comfortable. How will you provide support for your students in your classroom?

Politics and the Environment

Q1. Who do you think should manage the natural resources: legislature, public, scientists, or special interest groups? Q2. How have environmental regulations implemented by local politicians affected your daily life?

How Climate Change Influences a Nation's Economy

One issue that some people think about which surpasses the need to address climate change, is the strength of a nation's economy. People fear that implementing policies to combat global warming could hurt the economy. Q. With this in mind, what do you think the perception of the U.S. by the rest of the world would be if adeq

Forcing the Issue: Government and Environmental Law

Environmental law is often a hot topic of debate. From global warming to nuclear power, the discussions are endless and the research is often overwhelming. Q. I would like your educated opinion on the following question. Should we allow the government the authority to force green policies?

Effective Instructional Functions

Which instructional functions are most effective with your target population? Justify your response. Describe two strategies to motivate learners to be engaged in the instructional activity. What factors contributed to the success of the strategy?

Posting rules in every classroom is critical

Conflict resolution is a major issue for early childhood education. Articulate and defend your plan for conflict resolution in your classroom. Ensure that the plan is age- and developmentally appropriate. Consider the involvement of the child(ren) in the process.

Explaining Muscular Dystrophy

How could I explain muscular dystrophy? What can I do to ensure that the student's peers are informed about the condition?

Responsibility of Corporate Environmentalists

Since the study of indoor air pollutants scientists have found that many regular household items as well as non-household items attribute to decreased indoor air quality. For example, vinyl flooring, carpet, air conditioning/heating units, insulation, paints, cleaning products, furniture, and even construction products such as p

Trapping Bacteria by Increasing Energy Efficiency in the Home

What most people do not think about when it comes to indoor pollution is that as a general population we are making it worse by making our homes more energy efficient. When we spend money to try and seal and insulate our homes better, we are actually creating a better way to trap the bacteria and pollutants that are in our indoo