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Learning & Teaching

Describe the role of the performance analyst in terms of facilitating and promoting a performance focus. Also, describe the performance analysis process and explain how analysis results are used to inform decisions about selecting appropriate and/or alternative interventions.

The field of Human Performance Technology (HPT) is very process driven when it comes to evaluating people performance. Professionals in this field are known more commonly as performance consultants (PCs). Judith Hale, expert in the field of performance consulting has stated in her book The Performance Consultant's Handbook tha

Media's Representation of Philosophies/Ideologies/Theories

Please help me get started with a paper that requires me to choose a television show or movie to which I have to address philosophical, ideological, and theoretical tenets and how they reveal themselves throughout plot and dialogue.

Educational Rubrics

How does one write assessment rubrics for writing assignments (term-papers) in Education and Psychology fields?

Deciding Instructional Goals and Curriculum

What is the criterion recommended in "A Strategy for Developing Chronological-Age-Appropriate and Functional Curricular Content for Severely Handicapped Adolescents and Young Adults" to decide instructional goals and curriculum?

Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) in a Classroom

Can you help me with the following questions: - What type of classroom environment can you set up that supports Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) for a classroom of 3 year old children? - What type of furnishings, equipment, and materials are available to support the children's growth and development? - How does

Building Classroom Discipline

What is the value of having lists of principles and specific competencies for teachers and teacher training programs? How can you modify your planning and teaching when you teach classes with multiple ethnic and cultural groups?

Environmental Controversies: the Scientific Method

In your opinion, what are the benefits and constraints of using the scientific method to analyze environmental decisions? What are some social, economic, aesthetics, and ethical issues involved in a current environmental controversy? Explain.

Instructional Design, strategies for dynamic online discussion

Just need your input with these questions. 1. Describe an instructional design scenario in which you believe formal needs analysis would not need to be conducted. 2. According to the electronic reading, The Knowledge, Methods, and Cognition Process in Instructor-led Online Discussion, what are the three types of strategies

Intellectual Disabilities: Stable vs. Change

1) Dealing with Intellectual Disabilities recommend assessments that are stable and do not need change. 2) Dealing with Intellectual Disabilities recommend assessments that need some change, and identify what the changes would be.

Designing Curriculum

I need help building an outline that identifies the philosophies or theories that reflect how one envisions a classroom and curriculum. The age group I have chosen is 3 years of age. The primary focus is on the comprehensivness of understanding the many components that are necessary to consider when designing curriculum for pres

Instructional Design Communication

1. If you were working on an analysis, how would you feel if you did a lot of work on this analysis, and then say, 6 months later you viewed the final product and it was clear that most of your analysis had been either ignored or not taken into consideration? How might this have happened in the first place, and what ideas do yo

Scientific Inventions and Quality of Life

Please help answer the following questions. Do you think scientific inventions aimed at improving the quality of life of those with mental retardation can be in conflict with their individual rights? Why or why not? What scientific interventions do you recommend to use for students with mental retardation?

Cooperative Learning Strategies

Compare two different cooperative learning strategies for engaging with expository text in the content area classroom. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy, how deeply does each strategy encourage connection with the text, and how well can each strategy be connected to other activities involving the text?

Pedagogy and Online Learning Technologies

How do you think pedagogy is affected by online learning technologies? In other words, how might these technologies constrain instructors' abilities to implement Chickering and Gamson's "Seven Principles?"

Wonderments and Stimulation of Curiosity

Self-directed learners engage in a number of intelligent behaviors. Among them are those who listen with understanding and empathy, metacognition, and wonderment. Describe a wonderment you could use to stimulate curiosity about important content in your curriculum. Explain how collaboration with your school colleague (if any)

Improving Instructional Design

What is an instructional situation or a learning situation in which poorly conceived knowledge of the instructional context might harm the success of the instruction? What may be done to utilize these context characteristics to correct the instruction and achieve success?

Behavioural Eating Habits, HIV and Breast-Feeding

1. What is the relationship between genetics and behavioral eating habits? In which stages of the lifecycle is nutrition more important? How might current choices affect future health? Provide a rationale for your answers. How is the effect of nutrition on growth, development, and learning different during the various stages of

Instructional Design

1. Pretend you work for a huge organization as an instructional designer. This organization is so big it has separate departments for each step of ADDIE. What department would you prefer to work in, Analysis, Design, Development, or Evaluation? Why? What would some of the advantages be in having separate departments for eac

Optimal Educational Environment

Describe the optimal educational environment in your current or future role as an education by addressing the following: 1. Create a list of best practices for ensuring the safety of students. 2. Discuss how the needs of students with disabilities would be met. 3. Outline a plan for protecting both teachers and the school

Narrative Text in the Secondary Classroom

1. Define narrative literature. 2. Investigate the possible uses of narrative literature as it applies to middle school language arts and/or content area classrooms. 3. What are the advantages of using narrative text? 4. What are the disadvantages of using only narrative text? 5. Propose five possible uses for narrative lite

Six Components of Teaching Design

According to Kelting-Gibson (2005), six components of teaching design are listed which are required of seasoned and beginning teachers. How does backward design out perform traditional curriculum design in planning and preparing curriculum to meet these six components? Reference: Kelting-Gibson, L. M., (2005). Comparison

Vocabulary Programs

Do you think that most traditional vocabulary programs are ineffective? Why or why not?

Instructional Design

How would you describe the field of instructional design to a friend who is not an instructional designer? Give an example of an instructional experience in which one participated as a learner (work or school). Just based on one's gut feeling, do you think the instruction was well designed, or not, and why? Was there anything