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Increasing the Reading Level of Third Graders

While working on a 12 month project to increase the reading level of third graders, you collect monthly data and find that after 3 months of reading, speed has increased 15% and comprehension has only increased 2%. The goal was to have a 25% increase in reading and a 15% increase in comprehension. What is the next step after these findings?

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This problem can be addressed by using a little logic. First, the program is a twelve month program. You have assessed the students after three months, or after 25% of the program has been administered. Students have at that one-quarter mark achieved over half of the reading speed goal, and are on track to exceed the original 25% increase in reading speed by a final projected total of 60% increase in ...

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A program to increase the reading speed and comprehension of third graders posts preliminary results. How to interpret these results to arrive at a projected percentage of increase, and what adjustments to make to the strategies in order to meet projected, or desired achievement goals.