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Inferences Two Samples

See attachment below. Please show how all work was obtained.


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A) State the null and alternate hypothesis.
B) Determine the rejection region. For example "if , then reject ".
C) Determine the Test Statistic.
D) Conclude either "Reject " or "Do not reject " based on your analysis and answer the question.
E) Determine the p value of the test.

An educator believes that new reading activities in the classroom will help elementary school pupils improve their reading ability. She arranges for a third grade class of 11 students to follow these activities for an 8-week period. A control classroom of 13 third graders follows the same curriculum without the activities. At the end of the 8 weeks, all students are given the Degree of Reading Power (DRP) test, which measures the aspects of reading ability that the treatment is designed to improve. The table below represents the results of this test (assume the population Standard Deviations are equal). See Data Set for values below.

Based on the evidence provided, does it appear that these new reading activities actually improve scoring on the DRP at the 5% significance level?_________

Treatment 51 55 57 24 52 31 42 47 57 51 50
Control 39 29 61 42 35 62 47 44 71 49 42 40 45