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Process and Product Evaluation

I would like your input on the differences between process and product evaluation. Can you give me examples of each type of evaluation? I would like your thoughts on the value of each type of evaluation. What do you think is the significance of focusing on the process in physical education? How will this information help me as a

The Role of Student Affairs in the Educational Process

Describe the scope of programs that fall under student affairs on that campus. What are the standards and theories that support student development concepts and support a professional student affair position on a campus? Blimling, G. S., & Whitt, E. J. (1999): Chapter 2. Colby, A., Ehrlich, T., Beaumont, E., & Stephens, J. (

Tools that enable a synchronous online environment

Are tools that enable a synchronous online environment as effective as the face-to-face contact in a traditional classroom environment? Explain your answer. Provide specific examples and include references as necessary.

Causes and Effects

In this exercise, the effects were given, but the causes had to be determined. I need help to ensure that the causes are correct: Cause: Using horses made it easier to do pull travois Effect: Plains indians used horses to pull travois instead of dogs to pull travois. Cause: The Indians needed shelter Ef

Article Summary: "Fighting fire with psychology"

For many years, fire safety engineers worked under a simple assumption: When a fire alarm rings, people will evacuate immediately. How quickly people manage to vacate a building, they believed, depends mainly on physical abilities, the location of the nearest exit and the behavior of the fire. But work by psychologists and ot

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers: 1. What training is needed for personnel in the use of fire extinguishers? 2. What cheminicals(s) is/are in a chemical fire extinguisher? 3. What is a water fire extinguisher? 4. What are the classifications of fire extinguishers and which one is used on which type of fire? Emergency P

Life Safety and Hazard Control

Life Safety 1. Define panic behavor. 2. Identify three (3) life saving strategies. 3. Identify at least three (3) behavioral actions of an occupant in an emergency situtation. Hazard Control: 4. The hazard control hierarchy consist of six major approaches to handling hazards. Name the six controls and describe each. 5.

Fire Accidents or Incidents

1. What are the 5 common denominators that contribute to fire accidents or incidents? 2. Look up the saying "Leave Early or Stay and Defend" as it relates to fire. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why or why not? Reference the websites you viewed. 3. List the various elements that go into a Fire Protection System. 4. What

Importance of physical education for children

Hi Debbie, I have another assignment that I would like your input on. Why is Physical Education important for children? What are your thoughts on topics such as health benefits, the cognitive/academic impact of physical education, social benefits and lifetime effects. I have a few ideas on why it is an important part of my edu

Growth Patterns, Body Physique and Skeletal Maturity Impact on Skill Acquisition

I am excited about this course. I love anything that involves running, jumping and just physical exercise in general. Can you discuss what impact growth patterns, body physique, and skeletal maturity have on skill acquisition and performance? How does being overweight impact a child's ability to be successful in a game of socc

Hartley University

I need help developing an introduction and conclusion regarding Hartley University.

Voki in an Adult Classroom

Answer the following questions: What is a Web 2.0 Tool - Voki? How can a Voki be used in an instructional classroom? How can a Voki be used collaboratively? How can a Voki be used in a lesson and what would the assessment be?

Checklists and Job Analysis

In one page or less, tell me how this summation of the text will be useful to you in your current job or a job you hope to obtain in the future. Download Checklist 5. This checklist relates to Project Factors--such as this course. Please apply this check list to your work during this semester in OSHT 2405 Ergonomics and Huma

Retail Sales Assistant Job Elements Checklist

Apply the checklist to a job you currently have or have had in the past. Download the checklist to a word processing document. Answer the questions. Be sure to identify the job you are applying the checklist to. As usual, if you cannot make a question fit your particular job, just type N/A. You will find the checklist by clic

Kindergarten and Elementary School Teaching

Consider your own personal experiences with learning in kindergarten and/or elementary school. Identify examples of learner-centered and teacher-centered lessons or activities in which you participated. Which type of learning experiences did you prefer? Was there a difference in how well you understood or remembered the conte

Social and Emotional Growth of Children

Childhood experts agree that play is important to the social and emotional growth of a child. Think back to your own fond memories of play during your childhood. What did those play experiences teach you? Share an experience with your classmates and explain how it was important to your development. Then, consider the increase

First Day of School Rules and Guidelines.

I need some help coming up with some rules, procedures and guidelines to be introduced on the first day of school. I would specifically like help with middle grades and it should be based on real life teaching experience.

What is the difference between academic and intellectual freedom?

What is the difference between academic and intellectual freedom? How do these concepts apply to the classroom? How do they apply to courseware to be offered at distance? What are the limits to the instructor's prerogatives in teaching? How do these concepts apply to research and its products? What rights do

The Legal Basis of Academic Freedom

I need information on academic and/or intellectual freedom. I will also need scholarly articles (APA). Thank you. (Answer provided in approximately 100 words.)

Depression in children - global citizenship and multicultural understanding

Based on this article http://search.proquest.com/education/docview/870321417/139C9D8530A2F4F8825/34?accountid=32521 Developmental trajectories of positive and negative affect in children at high and low familial risk for depressive disorder. Olino, Thomas M.; Lopez-Duran, Nestor L.; Kovacs, Maria; George, Charles J.; G

Understanding Global Citizenship and Multiculture: Depression in Children

1. Based on this video: http://www.ehow.com/video_4874310_signs-depression-children.html How has the web-based information influenced global citizenship and multicultural understanding? 2. Based on this podcast: http://soundmedicine.iu.edu/segment/2649/Depression-in-Young-Children How has the web-based information influence

Counselors Working as Part of a Multidisciplinary Team

Mental health professionals from different specializations frequently need to work together in order to provide effective services to students, families and individual clients. Identify three types of mental health professionals who may be involved in assisting a student, family, or individual client. Describe the role and funct

Are Grades Earned or Entitled?

Some teachers believe that assigning a student a low grade will prevent them from exceeding, or worse yet, keep them from entering the college of their choice, or any college at all. In contrast, there are teachers that believe it is important to recognize and assign grades according to what is earned. Should teachers simply ass

Input on a Website

Hi, I just need your input on the following. I just came across this website: http://www.byrdseed.com/the-differentiator/. Could you please let me know your thoughts and opinions on it? I believe that anything that makes teaching/facilitating easier is a bonus.

Inquiry Based Curriculum

Effective implementation of inquiry-based curriculum, such as the Project Approach, in an early childhood program provides results that are hard to beat, but not everyone is on-board. Review the The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project and consider what elements of the project made it inquiry-based? What did you see that in

The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project - Pros and Cons

Review the The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project and consider what elements of the project made it inquiry-based. What did you see that indicated the students were learning? What information would you include from the project to persuade family members and administrators that inquiry-based curriculum is effective? What

The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project

Review the The Philadelphia School Preschool Dog Project and consider what elements of the project made it inquiry-based? What did you see that indicated the students were learning? What information would you include from the project to persuade family members and administrators that inquiry-based curriculum is effective?