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Book Review: The Physics of Star Trek

Review the book The Physics of Star Trek. What 3 topics interested you most from the book?

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The book "The Physics of Star Trek Rev. 7" touched upon several interesting ideas including inertial dampers, warp speed, and time travel. I will give a brief summary of these ideas and why they are interesting for me. Inertial dampers figuratively would be systems used on "starships" that enable the ship to counter the effects of rapid acceleration and deceleration of a starship. This is accomplished by giving the starship to sustain and absorb the natural inertia of a vessel while moving through space or under attack from rival vessels. This is an interesting concept because it has direct correlations to warp speed, another concept within the book that will be discussed. Without inertial dampers, warp speed would not be capable because rapid acceleration would kill the crew instantly.

Inertia dampers should be activated by default with the crew possessing the capability to enable, disable, and configure their strength manually. If disabled they should have ...

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