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Are grades earned or entitled?

Some teachers believe that assigning a student a low grade will prevent them from exceeding, or worse yet, keep them from entering the college of their choice, or any college at all. In contrast, there are teachers that believe it is important to recognize and assign grades according to what is earned. Should teachers simply assign a high grade or assign the grade based on academic performance?

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I fully believe that a teacher should assign a grade solely based on the assignment that is being given. I also, however, believe that at a younger age, a teacher should give some discretion if the assignment is based upon opinions, etc. I think that it is important for any student to express their views without the concern of their grade being high/low based on the assignment. However, if the assignment is based solely upon fact, I definitely believe that it should be graded based upon performance. I understand the thought that some students may get discouraged or may be prohibited from ...

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The solution discusses if grades are earned or entitled.