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Grade Book Program Algorithm to Compute Final Grades

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Your English instructor, realizing you are a programmer, asks you to write a Grade Book program for his class to help him compute final grades. Design a program that asks for the student's name and four test grades. Display the student's name, four test grades, the average of the four test grades and the final letter grade the student earned in the course.

Your English instructor gives you the following grading scale:

95-100 A+
90-94 A-
85-89 B+
80-84 B-
75-79 C+
70-74 C-
65-69 D+
60-64 D-
59 or below F

Please help with a pseudocode and flowchart for the program, that follows the guidelines of good program design, like meaningful variable names and thoroughly commented code.

Below is a screen output sample:

Student Name: Bob Jones
Test 1 Score: 94
Test 2 Score: 80
Test 3 Score: 73
Test 4 Score: 82
Student Average: 82
Student Final Grade: B-

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