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Java Program to Grade

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Write a Java program that does the following:

1.Creates a grading program based on a College grading standard (See attach file).

2. Uses a char array to hold the letter grades.

3. Creates two classes 'bill' and 'susan' with private grade attributes and two class methods to manipulate their grades. One method will raise their grade point total by 10 points and one method will lower their grade by 15 points. Both 'bill' and 'susan' must contain both methods. You may want to call the methods in each class "billbump" and "susanbump" and "billdrop" and "susandrop."

4. Creates appropriate display methods for each class.

5. Your program will first print out the college grade standard and bill and susan's current letter grade (your choice). The program will then call the methods that will increase and decrease both bill and susan's point grades and then print their corresponding letter grades. Please notify me in your output, that is, you may want to say: "Bill failed his math final and his final grade dropped to x-points and a letter grade of C."

6. You must use a Switch construct.
Your output should be as follows:
A. Print the entire Baker College grade standard
B. Bill and Susan's current grade point total and equivalent letter grades
C. Bill and Susan's current grade point total and equivalent letter grades after raising the grade by 10 points.
D. Bill and Susan's current grade point total and equivalent letter grades after lowering the grade by 15 points.

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