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Growth Patterns, Body Physique and Skeletal Maturity Impact on Skill Acquisition

I am excited about this course. I love anything that involves running, jumping and just physical exercise in general. Can you discuss what impact growth patterns, body physique, and skeletal maturity have on skill acquisition and performance? How does being overweight impact a child's ability to be successful in a game of soccer?
I would like your input.

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Most of the time, in case you don't understand, growth patterns come from the child's genetic makeup at birth. Your text discusses maturation patterns common to most children. The timing is what differs from child to child. Some children as you must know are quick to mature and others are slower.

The velocity curve is something common to all children when they are taken to the doctor. This shows how much children grow from year to year. The more rapid growth, if you have any children of your own, takes place from birth to age 5. It slows down slightly as the child begins reaching maturity.

The physique ...

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Growth Patterns, Body Physiques and Skeletal Maturity impacts on skill acquisitions are examined. How being overweight impacts a child's ability to be successful in a game of soccer is determined.