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Largest phylum, fish skeleton, and Mammal type overview

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One group has more species than all the other groups, give the name of the Phylum and examples of species found in this group.

Do all fish have the same skeletal structures? If not, describe the differences.

Describe the 3 different types of mammals.

List all references please.

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The Phylum that has the most species is Arthropoda. Arthropoda contains insects. There are four major groups of Arthropods, including Chelicerata (including scorpions and spiders), Crustacea (including lobsters, shrimp, crabs and others), Tracheata (arthropods that breathe via channels into their bodies; includes insects and myriapods), and the extinct trilobites (have heads formed of various combinations of segments, with appendages that are missing or specialized in different ways).

Ruppert, E.E., Fox, R.S., and Barnes, R.D. (2004), Invertebrate Zoology (7 ed.), Brooks / Cole, pp. 518-522

Fish can be divided into three groups based on their skeletal structure. The first and largest group, Actinopterygii, are ray-finned ...

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