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Dinosaurs and Birds do Interbreed

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A new species has been discovered. The animal is a vertebrate, approximately 18-24 inches in length. Members of this species are covered in scales and are known to lay shelled eggs. Dissection has also shown that this animal possesses a four-chambered heart. Its skeleton is shown below, but the skull has been omitted. An image of the skeleton is shown below. A sample of the skull could not be obtained, but some characteristics of the skeletal structure of the head were observed: the skull lacks a sclerotic ring (bony ring which supports the eyeball), but possesses a secondary bony palate.

Identify this species' proper kingdom, phylum, etc and give this species a full classification. This may require a bit of extra research beyond the background materials. Justify your choice and also explain how you could use genetic evidence to verify your conclusion. (Note: The discoverer/ classifier of a new life form typically assigns a species name of their own choosing. Be creative!)

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The expert identifies the species' proper kingdom, phylum and species for full classification.

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Title: Dinosaurs and Birds do Interbreed


Paleontologist are scientist that study fossils everywhere on Earth. They are fossil specialist that can identify what kind of species that may have live thousands to millions of years ago. In working with this fossil mentioned above, they have identified a new species. That's right, it is not a joke. The scientist or paleontologist have identified a novel species not yet known in the modern kingdom of taxonomy. The reason why the scientist believed that this fossil remnants belong to a new species are that it has several phenotypes similar to two different classes Mammalia and Reptilia.


The fossils depicts a new species that beared both phenotypic characteristics belong to the class Mammalia and the class Reptilia. The new species may arise from the descendants of both the Mammalia and Reptilia. Based on the evidence, the new species is an interbreed between an ancient reptile dinosaur and an ancient mammal. Through evolution, the genes from both the reptile and the mammal interbreed and evolved into a new species possessing ...

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