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Animal Behaviour and Ritualization

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Define ritualization and give one example of the way a behaviour might be changed during this process.

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8.Define Rritualization and one example of the way of behavior might be changed during this process


Ritualization( Bodily Actions,Ritual)
is a behavior that occurs typically in the member of a given species in a highly stereotyped fashion and independent of any direct physiological significance

Ritualization is the evolutionary process whereby a signal behavior is established or improved in such a way that it becomes a more effective or efficient means of communication. Any attribute of an animal upon which natural selection can act--behavioral, physiological, developmental, or morphological traits--can be the basis of a communicative signal.

Smith's (1979) definition:
ritual connotes, at least, behavior that is formally organized into repeatable patterns the basic function of which is to facilitate interactions between individuals, between an individual and his deity, or between an individual and himself across a span of time.

multimodality of communication signals in leaf-cutting ants showed that workers produce vibrational signals (stridulation) while cutting leaves .These vibrations function as close-range recruitment signals. Through biomechanical measurements (Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry; force measurements), we detected a so-called "Vibratom-effect": stridulation facilitates the cutting of leaf tissue, functioning like a vibrating knife. We asked whether this phenomenon could be interpreted as an example of ...

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The expert defines ritualization and gives examples of the way a behaviour might be changed during the process.

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