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Moral Status of Animals

How, and to what extent should the concerns about the ethics of factory farming influence Andy's Stewart's choice?

How, and to what extent, should ecological concerns about energy and resource consumption influence Andy's Stewart's choice?

Moral Status of Animals

Environmental philosophers have spent much time discussing the moral status of animals. A crucial philosophical concept is whether or not animals are "morally considerable." " Do we have a moral duty to take animals' interests into account when we decide how to act towards them?

How, and what extent, should debates about the moral status of animals influence Andy Stewart's choice.? see attachment


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The answer the first questions needs to address; what are the consequences of not doing factory style farming? To what extent is it possible to continue farming profitably while not doing the egregious things we associate with factory farming?

For the second question we need to address both short and long-term costs of energy and resource utilization.

There are some who argue that such pragmatic considerations that ...

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