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Consumer behaviour discussion question: cognitive or emotion

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The influences on consumer behaviour are complex and the decision making process is no less complex, especially in today's society where products are abundant. Many have argued that the consumer has too many decisions and options when choosing products which may ultimately lead them into the passive model or very low involvement.

Marketers aim to influence and inform consumers through their marketing communications strategies

The following advertisments follow one of the consumer decision making models.

Please list which model(cognitive or emotional model) you believe the advertisement is portraying and explain why? In your view, why did the marketers choose the approaches depicted in the advertisments?

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The 1st advertisement about the man getting the acupuncture treatment definitely plays up the cognitive/thinking model. It makes the viewer ask the question whether or not the man should jump from the window. The man's options are to either stay in the apartment and risk getting burned by the fire, or to jump from the window and risk being impaled by all of the acupuncture needles upon his fall's ...

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