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Animal Behaviour from the Chi Square Test

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Individual chi square questions

1. The data below was gathered in the Animal Behaviour lab. In this case, 5 zebra danios were placed in a container in compartment A of the aquarium and 5 goldfish were placed in a container in section C of the aquarium. The test fish, in this set of data was a zebra danio. Does this fish display schooling behaviour? Use the Chi-square test to see.

Table 2-1
Data is attached

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There are 2 ways to do a chi-square test, and I will show the simple method based on the level 1 that you listed. The chi square is used to see if something is observed more often than you would expect if the thing was random. For example, you expect that when you flip a coin 100 times you will get about 50 heads because a coin flip is pretty random. If this zebra danio does not display schooling bevavior, then you would expect it to show no preference for being near the other danios, or near the goldfish, or alone in the tank. But if the fish does school, then it should spend most of its ...

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