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Statistics - Hypothesis Testing - Chi-square

Recognize a contingency table (cross-tabulation of frequencies).
Find degrees of freedom and use the chi-square table of critical values.
Perform a chi-square test for independence on a contingency table.
Perform a goodness-of-fit (GOF) test for a uniform distribution.
Explain the GOF test for a Poisson distribution.
Use computer software to perform a chi-square GOF test for normality.
State advantages of ECDF tests as compared to chi-square GOF tests.


TABLE 15.2 Privacy Disclaimer Location and Web Site Nationality WebSites
Figure 15.1 Various chi-square distributions

TABLE 15.3 Table of Expected Frequencies

Figure 15.2 Critical value of chi-square from Appendix E

Figure 15.3 Right-tailed chi-square test for ν = 6

Figure 15.4 MegaStat's chi-square test for Web page data

TABLE 15.4 Should Noninstrument Rated Pilots Fly at Night? Pilots

15.3 Students applying for admission to an MBA program must submit scores from the GMAT test, which includes a verbal and a quantitative component.

15.4 Computer abuse by employees is an ongoing worry to businesses.

15.5 Marketing researchers prepared an advance notification card announcing an upcoming mail survey and describing the purpose of their research. Half the target customers received the prenotification, followed by the survey.

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