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Testing Goodness of fit

Sandeep is the admissions director of a small extended care facility. She schedules admissions Monday-Saturday and may have unscheduled admissions. She must work with the patient care director to schedule sufficient staff to ensure that new admissions can be properly processed without impacting the care of the rest of the patients. She decides to sample admisisons records to determine if the admissions are evenly distributed throughout the six-day work week. At the point .05 significance level, are the admissions evenly distributed? Use the five-step hypothesis test. Show your work or provide output.

Monday 12
Tuesday 9
Wednesday 11
Thursday 10
Friday 9
Saturday 9

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Step 1 - Set the Hypothesis
Ho: Admissions are evenly distributed.
H1: Admissions are not evenly distributed.

Step 2 - Significance Level
Significance level=0.05

Step 3 - Selecet the Test
It is a chi-square test

Step4 - ...

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The solution depicts the steps to test the claim that admissions are evenly distributed.