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Discussing the Actions of Birds, Reptiles and Aquatic Species

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A. Lizards often lie in the sun in the mourning. Why?

B. Basking sharks swim close to the surface of the water and appear to be sunning themselves like lizards. In fact, however, they are feeding on plankton. Why might a land-dwelling creature like a lizard need to sun itself, while a water-dwelling creature like a shark does not?

C. Some species of lungfish breathe only air; they have no gills, and will drown if forced underwater. Why might it be an advantage for lungfish to breathe air even though they live in water?

D. Arthropods and birds both molt. For witch of these creatures is molting most dangerous? Please explain by comparing the two molting processes.

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This solution is provided in about 270 words and discusses each of these species' behaviours in detail, outlining how these actions benefit the physiological functioning of these species.

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A. Lizards are "cold blooded" animals, so their body temperature changes with the temperature of their environment. Normally temperature goes down during the night time. Thus, also their body temperature goes down which slows down their life processes (biochemical processes are temperature dependent). By basking in the morning sun they can increase their body temperature faster and thereby become more ...

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