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Algebra Problems to finding speed

I need answers to the attached question/problems. I need the detail instructions as to how problems are figured out.

Section 2.2

Question 58

1/3x + 1/4 =1/6-x

Question number 72

5x = 15-2 (x + 7)

Section 2.3

Question Number 32 (Word problem)

There were 77 birds on the endanger species list in 2005. This is 7 more than 5 times the number of reptiles list. How many reptiles were on the endangered species list in 2005?

Question number 56 (Word problem)

In 2000, about 457,000 people received a master's degree, and by 2005 this number had increased to 506,000. Find the percent change in the number of master's degrees received over this time period.

Question Number 72 (Word problem)

A pilot flies a plane at a constant speed for 5 hours and 30 minutes, traveling 715 miles. Find the speed of the plane in miles per hour.

Section 2.4

Write the solution set to the inequality in interval notation.

Question 30

y >_ 1 (the top symbol is over the bottom).

Question number 60

3x >9


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