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    1. During the first part of a trip, a canoeist travels 97 miles at a certain speed. The canoeist travels 18 miles on the second part of the trip at a speed 5 mph slower. The total time for the trip is 3 hrs. What was the speed on each part of the trip.

    2. If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 35 inches, what is his time? Use the hang time function V=48 T^2

    3. Write a quadratic equation in the variable x having the given number as solutions. Type the equation in standard form, ax^2+bx+c=0 Solution:5, only

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    (1) Let the speed on the first part of the trip be x mph. Then the speed on the second part is x - 5 mph

    Time for the first part = distance/speed = 97/x hours

    Time ...

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