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    History of Mathematical Happenings

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    Choose a time in history (pre-20th century) that is of interest to you. It can be any time from ancient Egypt to the American Civil War. Next, visit the following site and choose the link that covers the time period you chose:


    Select two of the events listed in the chosen time period and explain the events (including the persons involved and the importance of the event or discovery).

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    Development of Mathematics

    In accordance with the practical requirements in the field of industry, business and agriculture, the developments of mathematics were done by the intellectuals in a consistent manner, which has simplified the complicacies of the practical application of mathematics. The scientific revolution in mathematics has disseminated the applicability of the mechanics for making fundamental domains and analytical solutions to the physical problems. The developments in the field of mathematics in the 18th century and 19th century were concerned with the calculus, geometry, arithmetic, number theory, etc. These developments contributed towards the widening of the scope for the applicability of the modified concepts of mathematics (Bell, 1992).

    The time period selected for the analysis of the development of mathematics is 1840-1850, which comprise of the various advancements in the field of mathematics done by Gauss, Jacobi, Cauchy, Maxwell, Boole, Chebyshev, De Morgan, etc. The paper will comprise of the analysis of the theoretical interpretation of the mathematical concepts during the period of 1840-1850. The events of Boolean algebra and matrix algebra proposed by George Boole and Arthur Cayley will be analyzed. With the assistance of this, the understanding about the development phases of mathematics can be enhanced (Chronology for 1840 to 1850, 2001).

    //Now, we will write about the contributions of Boole towards the development of mathematics. We will mainly focus on the analysis of Boolean algebra and logical reasoning for resolving the problems of differential equations, probability methods and calculus involving finite differences.//

    The contributions of George Boole (in the year 1847) in the development of the theory of mathematical ...

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