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    Algebra : Applications of Inequalities

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    1. Solve using the addition and multiplication principles.
    2.4+17.8> 44.5 - 6.5x
    The solution set{x|x> }.

    2. Translate to an inequality.

    A number is at least 13

    The is _ _ _
    (use x as the variable.)

    3. Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x.

    The number of people in the chess club is less than or equal to 23.

    The answer is _ _ _.

    4. Translate to an inequality
    the average speed, s, was between 80 and 100 mph.
    translation: 80 _ s _

    5. The width of a rectangle is fixed at 11cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 86cm?
    The length must be greater than cm.

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