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Influencing Policy that Supports Improved Learning

1. How can a school leader work with the governing board and district and local leaders to influence policies that benefit students and support the improvement of teaching and learning? 2. How can a school leader ensure that the school operates consistently within the parameters of federal, state, and local laws, policies, r

Returning Surveys for an Incentive

Is it good for elementary teachers to send home a survey with students promising that if ALL surveys are returned students can have an extra ten minutes of recess? Please explain the reasoning behind your stance.

Evaluating Trends in Financial Management for Higher Education

Evaluate a current trend in revenues, expenditures or financial management of institutions of higher education. Analyze important issues associated with the trend. Synthesize practices that address the trend. Describe how to implement recommendations and explains why these are the most effective methods. Integrate li

A Comparison of Discipline Models

Compare and contract Wong's pragmatic classroom; Kagan, Kyle, & Scott's Win-Win Discipline; and Morrish's Real Disciple. Identify the respective strengths and weaknesses, and advantages and disadvantages, of each.

Tallying Data on Agressive Behaviour

How can one train four volunteer parents to tally aggressive behavior of kindergarten students in morning recess so that the inter-rated reliability of the data they collect will be high?

Developing a Procedure for Data Collection

An action research project contrasts the learning gained of students in three fourth grade classrooms (my classroom, X classroom, and Z classroom. - X and Z are collaborating on the study). Your outcome measures include an average math gain and an increase in self-confidence over a 6-week module using different teaching metho

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Air Pollution.

1. What are some of the causes of both indoor and outdoor air pollution where you live, work, or attend school? How does this affect that environment? 2. Why do you feel there is debate about policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How can science help resolve the debate?

Types of Interactivity

Please help with the following problem. Differentiate the different types of interactivity and evaluate the benefits of each. Please provide more than 200 words.

Creating a Welcoming Activity for the First Day of School

Imagine it is the first day of school and you are welcoming a whole new set of students to class. Create your own welcoming activity for the first day of school that demonstrates how you will incorporate differentiation through a growth mindset. Please help in addressing the following: - How you will provide a safe and secure

Critical Literacy within the Classroom

a) What is critical literacy? Why is it important? b) How often do you use critical literacy strategies within your classroom? c) Describe some of the strategies you use to engage students in critical literacy. d) Describe some of the activities in which students engage around critical literacy.

Delivering a Framework for Academic Content

- How might teachers develop strategies for delivering academic content within a framework of critical thinking skills? Explain your answer. - How can a teacher create text-based questions that encourage multiple readings of the same text? What are the advantages of encouraging multiple readings? What are some examples of que

Curriculum Guides for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Create curriculum guides for teaching spelling, and mathematics as a reference in a format that will provide you and your professional colleagues with practical information necessary for effective teaching of students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID).

Meeting the Basic Needs of Today's Student

What can schools and teachers do to meet the basic needs of today's elementary students? Middle school students? High school students? It is said that the primary elements, curriculum, instruction, and the teacher, can help teachers in preventing behavioural problems. Why do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Determining Appropriate Form of Data Collection

As an educator, I have a new child at my school who is displaying very unusual and very varied behavior patterns. I would like to do a case study on the child to document the various behaviors as well as to try to help me understand the child's motivations for the behaviors. My data collection will include classroom, lunchroom,

Data Staying Within a Budget

As a curator of a museum, I would like to know which display gets the most attention. Of the three methods listed below to collect data, which will bring the most reliable data staying within a budget and why? a.Install video cameras and ask volunteers to your museum to video the recorded videos and count visitors at each di

Conducting a Survey on Same-Sex Classes

As an administrator of a large urban high school, I want to do a parent survey to determine how parents feel about same-sex classes. Should I mail a paper survey with return postage to the home of every 10th parent in my district? Or, use a random sampling procedure to select one half of the parents on the same list or email ad

Performance Based Objectives and Instructional Strategies

Just need your guidance with these Instructional Strategies. Instructional Strategies: I would love to have an even flow, and instructional strategies to reflect one's PBO's. One of my biggest goals in instructional strategies is to make sure I try to add every type of learning style in it to address everyone. I know it's

African American Males in the U.S.

What are the unique challenges of being African American and male in the U.S.? How is this different from that of females? What about as compared to young, African American males? How might this be different to or similar to young, Latino males and immigrants from Africa?

DPE Goal Instruction for Intellectual Disabilities

What are the diagnosis/prescription/evaluation and analyses of goal for a student with Intellectual Disabilities? What are the implementation and development of goal to be used? What role do such procedures play in the daily class? What are some important method(s) used for goal setting and instructional planning?

Parent Concerns and NAEYC's Code of Ethical Conduct

A family feels their child's teacher is not challenging their child intellectually. They feel this is because of the dynamics of the class, with children requiring special attention from the teacher which distracts from the "educational/academic" experience their child should be receiving. Refer to NAEYC's Code of Ethical Conduc

How Can Literature Enhance A Curriculum

Describe how each of the following content area teachers (math, social studies, and science) use quality literature to enhance their curriculum. a) Be sure to distinguish the differences in use among the three different content areas. b) Describe three activities that may be incorporated into engaging lessons. c) Describe an

Developing New Ideas as a Teacher

If teaching were as simple as using the one best way to teach or assess every student, it would be considered more of a science. However, there isn't just one best way, and that's why teaching is an art. With this being said, we also know that some teachers struggle with developing 'ideas'. Discuss an idea you have for a way

The Duty of a Squad Leader in the Reorganization Process

Your squad is on a search and attack mission looking for dispersed enemy insurgents throughout a large area of operation. All of a sudden you're under attack with small arms fire and your squad manages to suppress and kill some of the insurgents in the process. Put in plain words your activities as a squad leader in the reorgani

Career Counseling: Interviewing Techniques

In order to develop intervention strategies and determine client needs, career counselors must use specific interviewing techniques. Identify, describe, and give examples of the interviewing techniques that have proven to be effective in career counseling.