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Nutrition and Health of Children and Families

Discuss biological and environmental factors which contribute to a child's mental health as well as qualities and practices of early childhood education programs which can have a positive impact on a child's social/emotional development and overall mental health. Offer strategies a preschool teacher can implement to int

Transformational Change and Mezirow's Seven Phases

(1) describe the transformational learning process, using the textbook as a source, and (2) identify a transformational learning experience from your own life (past or present), (3) discussing at least one of Mezirow's seven phases as it applies to your experience (You can discuss a phase that you have experienced, or are in the

Online teaching rationale

1. Why do you want to teach online? What do you see as the benefits of an online education to both the instructor and student? 2. What actions would you take in your online course if a student was "flaming"? Do you have experience handling inappropriate postings by students? 3. How do you feel about utilizing a

Conflicting Perspectives in Educational Research

Discuss your thoughts on the use of research in developmental education. Do you feel that the research agenda proposed will help to alleviate the conflicting perspectives regarding research in this area of education? What could be added to this research agenda to encourage useful research in this field that will add to the body

School/home partnership tips

How you will encourage parent/family involvement? Describe all six types listed and give an example of each way to encourage involvement from a teacher or school's perspective,and cite how research supports those ideas. Parenting Knowledge and Skills, Communication between the Home and School, Volunteering at the School and in t

Teacher Inquiry

What are some common assumptions the general public holds about teaching and learning that you would like to see challenged? How can engagement in inquiry help to challenge these assumptions?

Ways to Encourage Administrators Support in Learning

1. Please provide some ways in which I could encourage administrators to monitor learner progress, holding participants accountable for implementing training into the classroom. 2. What are some ways to get participants to share what they have learned in trainings/workshops with co-workers to further impact the quality of car

School Counselors as Leaders

According to the ASCA National Model, it is important for school counselors to serve as leaders to promote system-wide change to ensure student success. Discuss the following: â?¢ Give an example of when you have served as a leader and which style you seemed to use in that case. â?¢ What qualities of effective leaders do

Barrier in training

1. Describe a barrier of a trainer in a professional development situation or training. 2. How did the barrier hinder learning transfer from occurring? 3. What could be done to promote the successful transfer of learning?

Emotional Behavioral Disability

Discuss the models of the cognitive behavioral intervention approach to children with EBD and how the components interrelate with their emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

KWL graphic organizer

Background: You are preparing to teach a 5th grade social studies unit on Jamestown and its first inhabitants. In this unit, you will introduce the concept of shelter of both the Native Americans who occupied the area and that of Jamestown's first settlers. You realize that this is an important idea that will need to be fully

Program Evaluation

Many school counselors may feel intimidated about using data to build, monitor, and refine their school counseling programs. The ability to present data in a meaningful way to key stakeholders such as principals, teachers, school board members, parents, and community members is vital to the success of your school counseling prog

The definition in Lay terms of EBD

How would you explain to someone who is unfamiliar with special education and psychology what is wrong with the children we say have EBD? Many people, caregivers, general education instructors, and even parents, need to understand that EBD, emotional behavior disorder is just a new term to describe a number of different and s

Nutrition and Health of Children and Families

Imagine you are a Preschool Teacher responsible for planning nutritious snack and lunch menus for your class. A description of nutritional goals for your classroom. Considerations that guide your menu planning process including an accommodation you may make in managing and/or meeting a young child's special dietary

Dixon vs. Alabama State Board of Education

Dixon v. Alabama State Board of Education, 294 F. 2d 150 (5th Cir. 1961). Need the following information (1) Background of the case (2) Court Case Decision (3) Reasoning for the decision with pro/cons and (4) difference Between Procedural Due Process and Substantive Due Process

Action plan tasks are summarized briefly.

I need help defining and describing what team members will do to create an action plan. I need to include the purpose of the action plan, the necessity of objectives, the creation of timelines and checkpoints, the assignment of responsibilities, and reason for revision.

Gardner's Theory

Identify Gardner's Theory briefly and summarize the theory. Then discuss at least two of the seven intelligences, providing at least four examples of the two seven intelligences that you chose.

Emergent Perspective and Interpretive Framework

Kindly see the attachment. The attached file includes information that should give you a good understanding for your inquiries in emergent perspective, interpretive framework, and differences in the instruction of mathematics today as opposed to past instructional strategies.

Nutrition - Families and Children

Discuss the importance of creating partnerships with families. Please discuss: - Why you think it is optimal to partner with families in teaching wellness concepts to young children. - How specifically would you include and engage families in teaching these concepts to young children. Nutrition, Health, and safety for Y

Steps in Evaluating a Course.

Can someone explain to me the steps in evaluating a course using the top-down model and give a description of each step?

credible sources

In 250-350 words original only, please help with the following: College writing must be more than opinion and must be supported by credible sources. Finding these sources and knowing if they are suitable for scholarly work can be challenging unless you know how to evaluate a website. Describe the differences between a cred

American Exceptionalism

To what extent do you think schools should be emulating other countries' educational systems and to what extent do you believe in "American exceptionalism" when it comes to schools?