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Learning & Teaching

Assessment scenario is explicated.

Suppose you are a school counselor. Your school superintendent is rewriting your job description and asks for your feedback on what role the counselor should have in student performance assessment. There is a debate among counselors, administrators, and teachers about whether school counselors should be involved in test coordina

Four Types of Standards

In your opinion, what is the most important of the four types of the standards to develop? Why?

Peacekeeping and Participation

DQ 1: How would you define peacekeeping and what are some of the basic elements? in general and politics DQ 2: What are some examples of how conventional and unconventional participation are implemented in real life? reference

Beginning vocabulary strategies for ELLs in the classrom

I need help with providing information that will help teachers understand four different vocabulary development approaches. TRP, story-telling, contextual clues and narrative approach, and how to use them in the classroom, I need to do analysis, application, advantages and extension strategies of each one,

Learning Organization is exemplfied.

Discuss how the term "Learning Organization" is defined and established, and how learning organizations might be created and sustained. We know that adult education and training can take place in both formal and informal settings. What are some of the variables between them you might?

Phys Ed class observation questionnaire

Observe a physical education or health education lesson for levels K-8 that is at least 30 minutes long. If you are observing a physical education lesson, it must be taught by a physical education specialist. Interview the teacher after the lesson using the questions included on the Observation Interview Questionnaire. ( the

Pros & Cons of NCLB's 5 Principles and Diverse Learners

What are the pros and cons of the NCLB five principles? Strong accountability Expanded flexibility and control Methods based on scientific research Expanded options for parents Highly qualified teachers How does it affect diverse learners?

Educational Technology(current and Best Practices)

What are some " best practices" that you believe the field of health education utilizes with regard to educational technology? and which one/s would you encourage, or recommend? and why? and How would you go about implementing the technology/devices you would recommend? (how is it/would it be used in the field)? Also inclu

Resource Coordination Scenario

Suppose you are a school counselor at an elementary school. Jennifer is an eight-year-old girl, who is often absent. When her teacher her asks her why, she states that her mother has been very ill and she is helping to take care of her. The teacher asks you to talk to Jennifer, to find out more about her living situation. As the

Teaching Digital Kids

Please read the attached file from Teaching the Digital Generation and answer the questions: 1. How is instruction in our schools geared to the minds of today's Information Age students? 2. How are you using Information Age resources for learning in your classrooms?

School Counseling Case Study of Child Sleeping in Class

Nina, a second- generation Latina student in the high school, has been referred to you, the school counselor, because she has been sleeping in class for the past two weeks. You know Nina, but have not met with her individually for counseling until now. During your initial meeting with Nina, she tells you that she is just tired b

NTeQ lesson design or Spreadsheets/Databases in education

This course can be informally divided into two parts: NTeQ lesson design, and Spreadsheets/Databases. Choose one of the two components that would be the most useful in your classroom and school, and explain how you might use it effectively. You do not need to use URLs to support your answer, but please ensure that it is highl

Learning and teaching of students to become fluent in a second language.

This help is for someone who is fluent in a second language so, using appropriate SEI terminology in your answers, I need you to answer the following questions. 1. What styles of learning (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc) were you most accustomed to when you first began learning your second language? How do you think knowled

Classroom guidance and teaching experience

If you are not currently a teacher, respond to this scenario: You have been hired as a middle school counselor, and one of the job responsibilities is providing classroom guidance at least twice per week. You have never worked with an entire classroom of students. Your experience is in working with students individually, or in

NTeQ Model is clearly explored in this case.

How does the NTeQ Model incorporate the five elements of effective instruction? The five components are: the teacher, the student, the computer, the lesson, and the classroom environment.

Critical Perspectives for Curriculum

What critical similarities or differences did you identify among the perspectives? What effect might knowledge of curriculum theory have on educators? Details: In this assignment you will select and research one of the major approaches to curriculum. Try to select the approach that matches your area of expertise or i

Website Demonstration

FactMonster ( is a Geography/Atlas type website. Demonstrate a particular facet of the website as it relates to the Geography Standard and themes. While this has a bit of â??Show-n-Tellâ?? involved, make sure to have a clear link in the demonstration to geography standards/themes/cornerstones/stran

Global Warming: Course of Action

Topic: â??If we cannot be certain that global warming and upper-level ozone depletion are caused by industrial activity rather than being natural fluctuation or cycles, should we take action or simply wait and see what happens?â? From a neutral position on the topic, provide some "Courses of Actions" and the "Pros and Con

Demonstrate school counselor advocacy.

As a school counselor student advocate, I would at times advocate for students and find students fearful about my advocacy. On one occasion, an African- American male student requested a schedule change that would have removed him from an honors- level class, placing him in an average- level class. After reviewing the student's

Strategic Budegetary Plan and the Mckinnley Case

Problem: Please help develop a scenario where my academic institution is facing financial distress? Using actual current events or a fictitious crisis, I also have to explain the circumstances and then outline an action plan where/how I would implement principles of retrenchment in order to restore equilibrium. Outcome: D

Access control and background checks

1. What is the primary purpose of background investigations? How might protection officers be involved with background investigations? How do background investigations improve an organization's security? Explain. 2. What is access control? How does it fit in with an overall security plan? Who is responsible for planning and i

Social and Emotional Systems: The Brain

What happens in the brain when the emotional and social systems are engaged How can a classroom teacher use brain based strategies demand ideas to increase learning in the classroom What is the value of happiness in the leader's work within the school and school system.