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Special ed

Read the attached file and answer the followings: 1. Accommodations are usually provided for students with disabilities included in Mr. Calvin's 9th grade history class? 2. What are the characteristics of autism according to Mr. Fuentes? Which of these characteristics does Max have? 3. What are Max's strengths and needs (we

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is exemplified.

Q1: What are substitution ciphers? How do they differ from one-time pads? Which is better for the IS manager to employ? Explain your answer. Q2: What is the Data Encryption Standard (DES)? What is triple DES? How did the Rijndael protocol enhance DES? Q3: What is an intrusion detection system (IDS)? What are the two t

The lesson on vizualizing strategy is described.

Select one lesson, if permitted at your field experience placement site, that you developed for this course and teach it to students in a grade-appropriate classroom. · Reflect on your experience as part of the Field Experience Observation Record, including revisions that you would make to the lesson based on the exper

Computer Lab Rules and Procedures

I need help in creating specific rules and procedures for each of the following areas for students in a computer lab: o Student computer use o Student computer sharing (rotation) o Student computer teaming and team roles o Internet use guidelines o Internet downloads (plug-ins, add-ons) o Stud

Teaching Fractions

Please pick either "quotient" or "ratio" in fractions and provide real math class examples (What kind of activities? how do you teach? Using what materials, visuals, etc?) on the following topics: 1) comparing and ordering 2) relative size of fractions 3) improper and mixed fractions 4) equivalent fractions 5) renami

Information Security Risk is defined.

Q1: Define the concept Information Security risk. Why is risk the underlying concept that forms the basis of computer security? How does Information Security risk influence the decisions made regarding Information Security policy in your organization? Q2: What is the risk management approach? Provide examples of countermea

Discipline and Students with IEPs

Need help defining and explaining these questions with just the right words regarding students with IEPs. 1. What are the rules for disciplining students with IEPs? 2. What are the regulation regarding short-term suspension, long-term suspension and expulsion? 3. What is the difference between the two? 4. What is th

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)

Q1. What is Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)? Why is it critical for law enforcement and security professionals to address REP prior to taking any action against a violator? What issues arise during the admission of digital evidence at trial? Q2. Why is written computer security policy so critical for Information Securi

B.F. Skinner's Behavioral Theory

I need assistance writing a narrative on stability, contrallability, self-image, success in academic tasks, and applicability of behavioral theory to adult education in relationship to B.F. Skinner's Behvorial Theory. Provide sources.

specific instructional problems

Please provide some ideas/suggestions for a ECE final project. In this project I must come up with a project that illustrates a specifice instructional problem that needs to be remedied and is related to early childhood education. In this project I am to describbe the physical learning setting, resource availability and the p

Building a learning community

Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Why is "inquiry to learning" an essential component of the professional learning community and how does it impact the role of an educator-researcher?

Assistance with preparing narrative

Please assist with finding sources preparing a narrative for the outline below describing how Jean Piaget's behaviorism theory and B.F. Skinner's cognitive theory impact an adult education program. Provide at least 100 words in the solution. D. Stability E. Controllability F. Self-image G. Success in academic tasks H.

Technology Review

Technology Review 1) Create a list of five educational web sites, online educational games, or other examples of educational technology. 2) Provide a brief description of each of the technologies. Your review MIGHT consider the following criteria: a) Usefulness in the classroom (either from a teacher or a student sta

Cultural identities and relationship building

Discuss the importance of considering the cultural identitie and experiences of clients who are Native American or African American, in assessment, diagnosis, and relationship building. Describe how you might facilitate relationship building with a Native American or African American client who has come to yoou to discuss a sit

adult learner and memory capability and skills

Here are descriptions of some memory techniques. Learning for understanding Concepts that are foundational to the study of academic subjects, like evolution or democracy, are complex and cannot be memorized. Students need a lot of experience with information about these concepts in order to understand them. An instructor

The Case of Amber (school counseling)

Amber 35-year old woman who immigrated to this country several years ago from Nigeria. She recently graduated from a prestigious law school and legally changed her name to Amber. She was hired by an affluent law practice. Although Amber is involved with her local Nigerian Community. She has recently discarded her cultural ward

What is a teacher work sample?

What is the purpose of the Teacher Work Sample? What are the major elements that should be included? How will you implement/use it in the classroom?

Teaching English to second language learners

Please help answer the following questions regarding learning and teaching. Provide at least 300 words. Do you have any anxieties about teaching non-English speaking students? Have you thought about any strategies that you will implement or already do implement if you are already teaching for non-English speaking students i

Classroom norms in math

Please read the attached article and answer the below: Q: Explain how the â??classroom normsâ? in mathematics are related to the teachersâ?? role, studentsâ?? role, math tasks, mathematical tools, studentsâ?? reasoning about early number concepts and addition and subtraction concepts, and development of studentsâ?? ma


Q1: Define Information Security, list the four types of security that contribute to Information Security, and provide an example of each. Do you have any personal experience with any of the four types of security? Which, if any, are the most important in your opinion? Q2: Describe cyber-victimization and why it is grow

Parent and community involvement

What would be a good activity that would address these proficiencies: 1. Provides frequent information to families about student learning and achievement. 2. Engages parents and families in the educational process. 3. Participates in professional organizations. 4. Volunteers to contribute to school and community projects.

Sniffing and spoofing, hackers and prevention

Q1: What does the term Sniffing in the context of network security mean? How does sniffing differ from spoofing? Is one more dangerous than the other? Explain your answer. Q2: What is a Hacker? List at least three classic motivators of a hacker? Define three of the historical hacking techniques. What steps may be ta