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The Media and Life, Love, and Work

Think of a few of your favorite television shows and movies - how do these shows depict gender, racial, and sexuality stereotypes as related to lifestyle, love and courtship, and work? Do these show present accurate ethnic and cultural factors factors that influenced human developmental theory? Examine the personal and professio

Ego Identity During Adolescence: Marcia

Building on Erikson's work, James Marcia developed four types of identity formation. Think back to your own adolescence - which of Marcia's ego statues seemed to dominate your high school years? What event, or series of events, moved you toward identity achievement?

Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Meeting

What are topics that should be discussed at a Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team meeting when a student with a physical disability, other health impairment, or severe sensory disoMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team meeting facets are included.rder is being discussed?

Moral Dilemma

Lawrence Kohlberg used hypothetical stories, such as the story of Heinz, identify the stages in the development of moral judgment His stages were not based on the moral decision made, but on the reasoning process used to make the decision. Using this same approach, develop a case study of a moral dilemma likely to be faced by an

Type of Secondary Data in Operations

Visit Secondary at Discussion 1 1. Select one of the links from and describe the type of secondary data that it addresses. How could your company use this secondary data to improve their operations? Discussion 2 2. Using the Web, find examples of comp

Children's literature assessment is provided.

· Examine your history as a reader of childrenâ??s literature. · Include answers to the following questions: § What do you remember most about reading childrenâ??s literature as a child? § What were the most positive and negative influences on your attitudes toward reading? § How did your reading i

Seection 504 and IDEA comparison

Some individuals are served under the Individuals with Disabilities Act, while others are served under Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the ADA. Compare and contrast these two laws, providing examples of when a person may be served under one versus the other.

What is a distribution channel? What is the relationship between channels of distribution and logistics? How does geographical location affect your selection of distribution channels?

1. What is a distribution channel? What is the relationship between channels of distribution and logistics? How does geographical location affect your selection of distribution channels? A distribution channel is a way of selling a company's product either directly or via distributors; "possible distribution channels are wh

Participatory Action Research - What is it exactly?

I am working in a graduate program and later on in my program I am asked to conduct participatory action research. I am looking for advice, candor, suggestions as to the process of action research and what tips you may have for me. This is not an assignment, I am merely looking for academic assistance in understanding this conce

Future educational trends and one's legacy are reported.

Fast forward to your final day of teaching. Your retirement party includes former colleagues, students, and parents. What is your legacy? Describe this in terms of what is said about you from your friends in each of these groups. What are some of the trends that seem likely to affect curriculum and instruction in the future

readability of a children's book using OKAPI

1. Complete a readability of a children's book using OKAPI (! Was the passage's readability what you expected? Reflect on how you could use this information in your classroom or give the probe to a child and reflect on the experience. 2. Conduct a task analysis

Opinion Paper about College Athletes and Grades

Schools with large athletic budgets have fewer students taking college entrance exams, so what kind of message do you think this send to students? If a student is not passing his/ her classes, what should be the plan of action be to correct the problem?

Home-school partnerships benefits

Why is it important to cultivate home-school partnerships? What are sources in your own community that you may utilize in your classroom to assist English language learners? Discuss the impact of bilingualism and home language use in the classroom.

standard units

What facts do students need to know about standard units? Of these, which are the most and least important?

Instructional Design

Give me some started citations to begin thinking about these: Based on scholarly sources, compare and contrast the components of instructional design and curriculum design in the development of an online course. What considerations are necessary when designing a change to the course content and delivery modality?

This provides students with the necessary information in conducting research successfully. It helps them to distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly resources and allows them to ensure that their data is reliable and valid.

The main purpose of a scholarly journal is to report on original research or experimentation in order to make such information available to the rest of the scholarly world. The guidelines mentioned in the solution prove useful when examining the credibility of sources of information whether it is from institutions, organizations

APA Citation of a US Law

Please help me with an assignment by answering the following: How do you quote a public law. I am writing about PL9. 94-142. I need to know how do I quote the source instead of the law, and if I have to quote the law how do I do that.


1. What are the different types of buyers and consumers? How does the type of buyer or consumer impact marketing strategy? As part of your response, consider the characteristics of buyers and the factors that influence their purchasing decision. How can an organization ensure that their market strategy is appropriate for their