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Intervention or Prevention Scenario

Suppose you are a middle school counselor, and your school has been identified as having the lowest test scores out of the three middle schools in your district. You have been tasked with developing a program to address this issue. You can either develop an intervention program or a prevention program, but not both. Which progr

Discussing Biometrics and Security Measures

Please respond to the following questions: Q1. What is biometrics? How have they improved security overall and provide one example. Q2. What are card readers and combination lock pads? Are they effective, are they secure enough for today's security concerns? Where might we see them today and in the future?

Research cases are assessed.

Consider the following case: A researcher would like to know if highlighting a textbook helps students to score better on exams. She randomly selects one-half of the students in an introductory class and instructs them to highlight their textbooks as they read. The other students are instructed to do NO highlighting as they read

Investigate Ernst Von Glasersfeld's impression of constructivism.

As you begin to analyze this multifaceted buzzword, reflect on the following infamous definitions of constructivism - professed by the highly regarded Ernst Von Glasersfeld: 1. Knowledge is not passively received either through the senses or by way of communication, but is actively built up by the cognising subject. 2. T

Interpretation of Statistical Report

Module 3 - Background Interpretation of Statistical Report Reading Assignments The following are your reading assignments for the next two weeks. Simply click on the title and you will be automatically linked to the article. Required Reading: Buchanan, R., & Bowen, G.. (2008). In the Context of Adult Support: The I

Lavin and Marshall comments as they relate to research.

M1: The goal of research Unless your study explicitly builds on the research of other researchers in your area of inquiry, it is very unlikely to contribute to research knowledge. Joel Levin and Hermione Marshal emphasized (this point) in commenting on their experience as editors of the Journal of Educational Psychology the f

Math Problems

Part I. Basic Computations 1. A discount store sold plastic cups for $3.25 each and ceramic cups for $4.50 each. a. If 500 cups were sold for a total of $2,090, how many cups of each type were sold? Answer: b. What was the dollar value of each type of cup sold? Answer: 2. LaToya Smith is a buyer for a

Discuss multimedia tools.

What Web 2.0 tools do you use? How do you use them? Brainstorm ways in which you could use those tools in an instructional environment.

One of your Soldiers leaves a thumb drive in their computer overnight...

One of your Soldiers leaves a thumb drive in their computer overnight. There is critical information on the thumb drive. The next day the Soldier arrives back in the section and finds that the thumb drive is missing. As army leader, what actions should you take? Thanks for getting me started here...


Please help with answer to the following 2 questions ... 1. Discuss what is meant by a Letter of Intent. Why do you think it may be important? 2. Discuss the Evaluation Component. Why do you think it is important to a grant proposal?

Vaults and IT Data

Q1. What security limitations are encountered for vaults, safes, IT data, and or other high-value security items. Give examples please. Q2. Why is surveillance equipment important in internal security? What are some important parts, be it actual or administrative that is a must have? Examples.


Evaluate any new technology using the ACTIONS model. develop a proposal for your supervisor in support or rejection of the new technology being evaluated. Outcome: Discuss the relationship among knowledge, learning, teaching, and the nature of media and how this relationship should inform our use of technology in the healt

The Purpose of a Need Statements

Please help me with an assignment by answering the following questions: What purpose does a need statement serve, what information should it contain, and what are the necessary variables that determine if an organization is ready to seek funding?

Levels of fitness

In determining your unit's level of fitness, which components of fitness would have the best level of train-up on your platoon and what activities would place an extra demand on your cardiovascular and respiratory systems? Thanks for getting me started!

A Kozma Discussion is briefly provided.

Please rate 5/5 for my work. Discuss your viewpoint on Robert Kozma's argument in the media debate. Support your response with examples from your own experience. Outcome: Discuss the relationship among knowledge, learning, teaching, and the nature of media and how this relationship should inform our use of technol

What multimedia programs do students use?

What multimedia programs have you used as a former student? If you were to work on a multimedia project team, what role would you prefer to take: project manager, subject matter expert, artist, instructional designer, writer, A/V producer, programmer, or quality controller? Why?

Social and Cultural Influences -- Field Trip Design

Social and Cultural Influences -- Field Trip Design You are a new science teacher for an elementary class. You want to get your students more involved in the community, and you plan to use science as a vehicle for this endeavor. After scanning the materials you notice how a particular lesson would be better served by a real-w

Venn diagram comparing and contrasting persons with LD, EBD, and MR

Venn Diagram Identify similarities and differences between persons with learning disabilities (LD), persons with emotional/behavioral disorders (EBD), and persons with mild, moderate or profound mental retardation (MR) a. Venn Diagram A Venn Diagram should visually represent these similarities and differences. Think o

higher education role in nursing

Interview a nursing or health faculty member in a higher education setting (community college, college, or university) and summarize the interview. Describe the role of the faculty member you interviewed and the preparation needed for the role.

Leader scenario is addressed.

You have a Leader who has deployed several times and has always performed well in action. She normally carries herself with leader presence but recently, she begins to show up to work late, her stamina during physical training is less than desirable, and she has questioned herself on her ability to make appropriate decisions whi

Education in New England vs. Middle and Southern States

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution. Contrast education in Old Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England with the Middle and Southern States. Give one example and description of schooling (such as Dame Schools, Academies and Latin Schools) from each area to demonstrate how education differe

phonological awareness

Why is phonological awareness important to reading development? Please give me examples in your own words.

Student Search and Siezure including Technology

What legal principles define school official's authority to search students? When might a student search be unreasonable? What are the roles and responsibilities of school resource officers?