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Curriculum trends

What are current curriculum trends. What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why? What will be the content of curriculum in the next 10 years? What and who will influence content? Who will be involved in its development and design? What part will teachers play in curriculum development in the next 10 years?

Media depictions of crime in the United States

Q1-How do media depictions of crime in the United States influence public opinion of high-profile cases? Explain your philosophy regarding media freedoms, and provide support by citing specific cases within the last 10 years. Q2- What effect have the events of September 11 had on the role of private security in the United Sta

Cultural diversity

Suppose that your selected organization's culture has changed from a homogeneous population of students or employees to a very diverse population. At the same time, your teachers or trainers have remained the same. Recently, there has been a growing number of reports of potentially discriminatory treatment. Prepare a plan for in

Creative Book Response and Reflection

Creative Book Response and Reflection Due on day 7 (Monday) by 11:59 pm Mountain Time Read a children's book and prepare a creative response to the book; see examples in Ch. 4 of Children's Literature. Your response can be used by teachers or students; Include grade level or targeted audience, as well a

Hildegard Peplau

Apply Model into the clinical setting(explain a unit and benefits of theory use.

Nursing leadership traits

One very important leadership competency is to retain employees. How does your organization accomplish this?

Myths of cultural differences

Can you please give me 3 or 4 ways that as a preschool teacher I can teach young learners about diversity, and what strategies can be used to dispel the myths of cultural differences?

Surveillance and undercover work

Q1-What is the purpose of an investigation, and why is the process important? Provide examples of what might happen when the process is not followed. Q2-In what ways will surveillance and undercover work become more demanding in the future? How do these difficulties add to ethical dilemmas for investigators? Which aspect

RERUN Strategies for Problem Solving

Chapter 6 discusses one procedure for problem solving called the RERUN process. Invent a scenario in which the RERUN method could be used to support the needs of children and parents. Include all five components of the RERUN process as listed in your text.

IEP analysis

Read the description of a student below and answer the questions: Ming is a 6 year old 1st grade elementary school student. She takes ESL classes and she's from China. She reads a 2.56 grade equivalent which shows that she reads above her level. She scored 31 on the CBM in writing and 100% in math. She recognizes all letters

Possibility of Preventing Terrorism

1. How do you logically think the DHS can prevent airplanes from flying into buildings located anywhere within our vast continental united states? 2. What do you think will be the next major domestic terrorism critical incident in our nation, and how can we PROACTIVELY prevent its occurrence?

Long lasting benefits of preschool

Please explain 3 long tem benefits of quality preschool. Explain how one of these benefits can specifically be supported by a preschool setting.

Discussion and analysis of a banned children's literature book.

Censored Book Reflection · Due on day 7 (Monday) by 11:59 pm Mountain Time · Research the American Library Association Web site ( or the International Reading Association Web site ( to find children's books that have been censored. · Ch

Emergency responses to disasters.

1. Do you think emergency responses to nature critical incidents should be handled different than emergency responses to terrorist oriented responses? 2. What is all hazards management?

Late Adulthood Myths and Stereotypes

Identify three myths or stereotypes that you have heard that relate to what is supposed to happen to attention, memory, or perception in the older or elderly adult. An understanding of stereotyped thinking about aging allows comparison with scientific information regarding the same areas of behavior, performance, or thought. Des

Sexuality and Middle Adulthood

Based on your literature search, identify two issues that are associated with human sexuality in middle adulthood. Describe each issue, provide supportie references from peer-reviewed journal articles, and describe how these issues affect couples and family funtioning. How would one or both of these issues affect other areas of

Evaluating a student's eligibility

Please help with the following problem. Discuss the procedures and appropriate practices for evaluating student's eligibility for special education and related services.

Literature Program for preschool aged children

You have just been hired to teach at a new preschool. You will be teaching a class of 3-5 year olds. Your task is to create a research-based Literature Program which will include developmentally appropriate approaches to teaching and learning. Your design will reflect a comprehensive understanding of the components necessary t

Toddler and Autonomy

Autonomy explores the toddler behaviors that indicate the push toward becoming a separate, independent individual behaviors such as rebellion and negativity, exploration, self-help skills, and a sense of possession. How can you support a parent when their child exhibits these autonomy-developing behaviors within the home? E

Educational opportunities

How did students come to receive the opportunities, e.g. Title 1, they currently have in public education? What current issues are affecting equal opportunity in education today? How can the obstacles to equal educational opportunities be addressed? Defend your rationale.

Corey's Overall Intelligence

See the attached file. 1. Read over the attached report and answer the followings: a. What does the IQ score says about Corey's overall intelligence? b. What are parental concerns? c. Determine what information would be included in present levels (high light in hand-out) d. Determine the child's strength

Theory and Research for early intervention

Please explain/discuss how the relationship between theory and research has shaped early intervention efforts. Provide some possible resource cites for further investigation. Thanks for helping me out!