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Diversity in the Classroom

In what ways can a teacher deepen his or her knowledge and understanding of the needs of diverse populations in the classroom? In what ways can a teacher's personal attitudes and beliefs about diversity influence his or her classroom practice?

Accident Investigations

1. What are the goals of accident investigations? 2. Why is it important to conduct accident investigations? 3. What are the levels of accidents? 4. Accident investigations can point out what types of problems in the safety program? 5. Who should conduct an accident investigation? 1.What is the Accident Ratio Stud

Summative Assessments in Education

Discuss the role and function of summative assessments in assisting educators determine 1- group learning and progress 2- differences in the performance ability of high-medium-low achievers 3- demonstrate levels of social and communication skills

Co-Planning Arts Integration Scenario

Co-Planning Arts Integration Scenario in Week One. Need: · A description of the development stage and critical thinking skills of the children in the scenario you chose · An explanation of how the developmental stage and critical thinking skills of the children relate to the unit in the scenario ·

Evaluation of Instruction.

1. Does Wiggins and McTighe's (2005) "thinking like an assessor" help one to be strategic in teaching because teaching is directed towards assessing learning? 2. Backward design requires the teacher to think like an assessor as well as an activity designer. Do you agree ? Does this help the teaching ?

alternate pathways to achieve goals

Please help me with an assignment by answering the following question: Discuss how integrated assessment and differentiated instruction allow students alternate pathways to achieve goals? Please elaborate with examples.

Encouraging Parental Involvement in Student Reading

Could you please help me with an assignment by answering the following question?: In what ways can you enlist parent involvement with his/her child's reading? Please provides some examples and a reference for further research.

Literacy Learning

What are some ways that you can integrate vocabulary development throughout the day in your classroom?

Identifying and assessing values in personal terms: guidance summary

Discuss three values that are important to you as a person. As a counselor, what will you do when these values are challenged? Is it reasonable to expect value neutrality on behalf of the counselor? From your perspective, compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of a "value neutrality" versus "value sharing" approach.

Curriculum design

How might a curriculum developer begin to understand the horizontal articulation issues involved in meeting key skills in the curriculum?

Bloom's Taxonomy and Facets of Understanding: A Comparison and Analysis

1. Compare Bloom's to the Facets of Understanding. How do the lower levels of understandings contribute to the path towards higher levels of understanding like evaluation? For example, if students breeze through knowledge and remembering, can evaluation be achieved? 2. Do you agree with the arguments from the attached file? W

Art lesson integration is modeled.

Imagine that you are a 3rd-grade teacher. You are co-planning your next science unit, titled Life Science: Animals and Their Environment, with other 3rd-grade teachers. You have been given the job of finding artwork to incorporate into the unit. â?¢ Locate at least three pieces of art to include in the unit. You may inclu


1) Imagine that a wireless phone service carrier is interested in improving its service. In particular, the management wants to assess if customers are dissatisfied with current service and learn the nature of this dissatisfaction. What research design would you recommend? Justify your choice. 2) What are the various types o

DIBELS assessment

Analyze the following case: A 4th grade student was given DIBELS assessment including ORF (oral reading fluency) and RTF (retell fluency); She got 89 (median) for ORF and 18 for RTF. Her ORF scores were 89, 89, and 70 and RTF scores were 18, 22, 19. She seemed to comprehend the passages better than reading aloud. She gets As in

Service Delivery Models are inspected.

Observe two different service delivery models (e.g., self-contained, full inclusion, resource, and speech) within a school setting for at least 30 minutes each. Interview each teacher to find out the teacher's rationale for instruction and management for that service delivery model. Note instructional strategies used durin

Service Delivery Models: Self-Contained and Resource

My service delivery models: self-contained and resource Note instructional strategies used during your observation. Also note the responsibilities of teachers and support staff, classroom management techniques, and how the environment is adapted to meet student needs in each delivery model. Compare and contrast the two se

Why is there not an all encompassing definition of terrorism?

Q1. Why is there not an all encompassing definition of terrorism? Is such an item even possible? Do you think that there will ever be an all encompassing definition? Is it possible? Also, do you think that one of the reasons for the evolving definitions is because as the terrorists come up with new methods of attack the definiti

the merits of alternative teaching licenses debate

Some policy-makers favor awarding a teaching license to those who have field experience in a discipline and have taken basic classes in teaching methods. Others favor a full teacher preparation program, including an internship or student teaching experience. Assume a hypothetical position for or against one policy and present an

Evaluating Definitions of Terrorism

There are many possible reasons for the different U.S. agencies having different definitions of terrorism, and made some good points. One thing I like to think about is the specific purpose of these U.S. agencies which have different definitions. Some of these agencies, which have these definitions, are tasked with other job

The media's attraction to extreme terrorist acts is discussed.

Most people see the explosions, bodies, and training camps on the nightly news, and they think, "wow, that's terrible." or "Why would these terrorists want their training footage out to the public?" The simple answer, recruitment. Think of it this way, the Blue Angels are used by the U.S. Navy as a recruitment tool and a mean