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What multimedia programs do students use?

What multimedia programs have you used as a former student? If you were to work on a multimedia project team, what role would you prefer to take: project manager, subject matter expert, artist, instructional designer, writer, A/V producer, programmer, or quality controller? Why?

Social and Cultural Influences -- Field Trip Design

Social and Cultural Influences -- Field Trip Design You are a new science teacher for an elementary class. You want to get your students more involved in the community, and you plan to use science as a vehicle for this endeavor. After scanning the materials you notice how a particular lesson would be better served by a real-w

higher education role in nursing

Interview a nursing or health faculty member in a higher education setting (community college, college, or university) and summarize the interview. Describe the role of the faculty member you interviewed and the preparation needed for the role.

Leader scenario is addressed.

You have a Leader who has deployed several times and has always performed well in action. She normally carries herself with leader presence but recently, she begins to show up to work late, her stamina during physical training is less than desirable, and she has questioned herself on her ability to make appropriate decisions whi

Education in New England vs. Middle and Southern States

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution. Contrast education in Old Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England with the Middle and Southern States. Give one example and description of schooling (such as Dame Schools, Academies and Latin Schools) from each area to demonstrate how education differe

phonological awareness

Why is phonological awareness important to reading development? Please give me examples in your own words.

Student Search and Siezure including Technology

What legal principles define school official's authority to search students? When might a student search be unreasonable? What are the roles and responsibilities of school resource officers?

Special Education

If you had a sibling of a student with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), what issues may affect the sibling's success in your class? What could you do to help the sibling adjust to this difficult situation?

The reflective practitioner is characterized.

Please provide an explanation/illustration of how one can demonstrate mastery in the early childhood field and reflective practice in reference to the following outcome:�Demonstrate knowledge of designing effective curriculum and instructional processes with in the early childhood educational setting.

Unethical Behavior

In approximately 350 words, this solution provides an example of why unethical behavior occurs and how it might be avoided.

Systems of thinking are considered.

What systems thinking: rational, natural, or open paradigm is your dominant way of thinking? How is that style of thinking an advantage in your life? How is that style a disadvantage in your life?

Due Process and Safe Schools

In my opinion students do not have the same rights inside the schoolhouse as they have outside. This is necessary in the name of order, discipline, and school safety. Administrators are empowered by a wide variety of federal, state and local laws and policies to maintain orderly and safe schools. School leaders have to balance o

discussion of models for classroom management

Describe each of these models: Positive Classroom Management by Fredric Jones, Beyond Discipline by Alfred Kohn, and the Behavior Modification model by B.F. Skinner. How are they similar and how are they different?

Why is communication is critical when working with students ?

Autism is considered to be a severe disability because it has a lifelong impact on both the individual and their family. It has also been linked with mental retardation in 75% of those with the disorder and is estimated that half of those determined to have autism do not have functional speech. These linked disabilities often ca

Discipline and Management

This is part of an assignment that I have to do. I am not really sure exactly what I need to do so I was hoping that I could get some help on it from you. Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related 1) Compare and contrast both classroom discipline and classroom management, and behavior and misbehavior. First, how wou

Language arts approaches are featured.

How will you use following approaches (Learning logs, questions games, and writing about reading) when teaching content area?: 1. Learning logs are vehicles for students to think about concepts in reading and writing, to reflect on learning that has occurred during class or outside reading and research, to process new underst

Aging Workforce

Develop a list of current challenges for the aging worker. What are the most prevalent presenting problems for this population, in your opinion? What are some of the benefits for companies who would like to hire aging workers? What ethical concerns do you think exist for the workplace and older employees?

Coherent Learning Solutions

According to Copeland and Knapp (2006), creating coherence means doing the following action. "Use pathways that intentionally address student, professional, and system learning. Coherence is more likely when leaders can forge connections between what students are learning about in classrooms, what teachers are learning about in


Explain the concept of inclusion and evaluate three types of services that may benefit disabled students. Reference three specific research-based sources. Identify advantages and disadvantages for the student with the disability who may experience inclusion.

What is information warfare?

What is information warfare? How can computer security professionals safeguard their networks from this former military threat? As an employee of an organization that stores a great deal of personal information, such as financial information, what threats are most critical? Why? How may you protect the organization from that thr