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    OSHA Safety

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    Tell me why you think safety is important?

    Go to the official OSHA web site www.osha.gov Read the rational for the OSHA Act.

    After completing your reading assignment, please write a rationale for the OSHA Act.

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    Importance of Safety:

    The productivity rates in the organization are all dependent on the production level per person. This will only be attained when the personnel in the organization are motivated to undertake their assigned tasks. This is why the safety measures have to be placed in the organization for the employees to be confident about their working environs and undertake their assigned duties as directed. Exposing the employees of the corporation to risky working conditions demotivates the workforce and reduces their performance. This will in turn lower the profit making abilities of an organization. The implementation of safety producers in the organization makes the employees to take individual measures on their safety. A lot of organizational funds are also saved when safety is maintained in the company. This is by virtue that this internal control procedure will reduce any cases of compensations in case an accident occurred in the company. The image of the corporation is also maintained when safety is implemented in the organization (Importance, 2008).

    Rational of the OSHA ACT:

    This is an act that is administered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on the basis of the safety and healthy conditions of the employees in the workplace. The ACT ...

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