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Safety: 1904 Regulations

Having read 1904, which specific regulation, or regulations struck you as important to know, or even may have surprised you?

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The important thing that I learnt during the week that would help in my career is that every workplace should ensure that the employees are offered safety and there are safety standards that every company should comply with. These standards help in keeping record of illnesses and injuries in the workplace, the use of safety equipment and practices and to limit the amount of chemicals that may harm the employees. The knowledge of the OSHA act would also help in my career because I learnt that workers have the rights to ensure that there is safety at work by filing complaint to OSHA incase the employers do not follow the standard requirements provided by OSHA. The workers also have a right to call the OSHA to carry out the inspection of the place of work. The employers should also be notified of cases of unhealthy ...

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The solution discusses which regulations are important or surprising in the 1904.