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The Instructional System Design Model

The assessment phase is the last phase in the Instructional System Design (ISDM) Model. Through comparing and contrasting different assessment tools, there are various strengths and weaknesses with assessment tools. Explain the importance of knowing the strengths and weaknesses of assessment tools in the design and development p

Instructional design assessment tools

Please help me with the following problem: Can instructional design assessment tools provide for formative and summative evaluations of students? If so, how? If not, why?

Final Paper Outline and Annotated Bibliography

For the Week Three written assignment you will be submitting an outline with a thesis statement as well as an annotated bibliography in order to prepare you to write the final paper for this course. After deciding upon the three developmental theories you will compare and contrast for the final paper in Week 5, locate resear

Counseling skills

A description of each of these micro-skills, (paraphrasing, active listening, reflection, or reframing). Explain how the appropriate use of each of these micro-skills might help build a therapeutic alliance in a counseling session. Can you also please help me with providing examples to illustrate each of these explanations

advantages and disadvantages of databases compared to other search methods

a. Describe what you consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of a computer search of ERIC and other databases, as compared to other search methods? b. Based on what you discovered in the CIJE (Current Index to Journals in Education) article abstracts, why is it often necessary to locate and read the original articles or

Continuous assessment strategies

What are some strategies that you will utilize to ensure that assessment is continuous in your classroom? (this is for a reading class) The answer needs to be 250 or more.

Developmental Reading Assessment and Student Learning

Demonstrate effective use of technology for improving student learning. Candidates can demonstrate evidence of this disposition through the DRA. Discuss how the technology application used in the DRA improves student learning.

Modeling Positive Attitude Toward Reading and Writing

Promote the value of reading and writing in and out of school by modeling positive attitude toward reading and writing with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents and guardians. Candidates can demonstrate evidence of this disposition through the reading interest inventory.

Technology Podcasting/Webcasting

Contrast webcasting versus podcasting for education purposes: What are some of the challenges and how do we overcome those challenges?

Teaching Core Subjects

What types of techniques are useful for teaching the reading of English, Social Studies, Science, and Math selections?

How counselor and client values affect counseling.

Explain how your values might influence your work with clients who have values different from your own. Explain how you would use silence or self-disclosure to maintain a therapeutic alliance with a client who holds values different from your own.

Modification of Each Website to Address Types of Diversity

1. How does the website attend to diversity? Be sure to address each type of diversity separately. a. How does each attend to cultural diversity? b. How does each attend to intellectual diversity? 2. Give one suggestion of how each site could improve with respect to diverse populations. Please view attached Project

Companies with Good and Bad Service

1.: Using online research sources such as Google, research the customer relations/customer service reputations of two (2 - no more, no less) companies of your choice. 2. Supporting Research: Choose one company with an excellent customer service reputation, and one with a poor (or less than perfect) customer service reputatio

Upgrading Curriculum

In making a commitment to upgrade your curriculum with 21st century tools and technologies, how would you convince your colleagues to make a similar commitment? What hot button issues might you discuss, what passions would you share, and how would you argue for these tools as expectations, not options for today's students?

Concept of Customer Loyalty

Is there any truth to the concept of customer loyalty? Are you loyal to certain companies? What does a company do that captures your loyalty? What might a company do that would shake that loyalty?

The concepts of risk and mitigation are discussed.

DQ1: What are the different types of risks? What are the concepts of risk and mitigation as they apply to threat and risk management of an organization? How are the various techniques for eliminating, reducing, and mitigating each of the risk types implemented through an organizational security plan? Explain. reference DQ2:

Kindergarten Expectations

On the first day of kindergarten, some children will be able to read and write while other will not recognize their written name. Have the kindergarten academic standards been raised too high or have we just realized the potential of five year olds?

Synchronous online environment

Regardless of how synchronous an online learning environment is, it cannot totally recreate a face-to-face environment. However, the inability to recreate a traditional classroom environment is not necessarily always a bad thing. The traditional classroom offers distractions that are out of the control of the individual. Thin

Brief summary of interactive smartboards

Electronic Whiteboards (SMARTboards) Instructors can use it for an assessment tool by creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint or similar programs to test students. Smart boards are excellent collaboration tools. Any information created on the smart board such as handwritten notes by the professor during a lecture can be s

SmartBoard Question

Please help answer the following question. When using a Smartboard for adult education, can someone explain what I could use for an assessment tool, collaboration tool, and how this type of technology provides instructional value?

Reader Response activities

In elementary schools what are the ways students can express their responses to literature, and what is the importance of choosing culturally diverse literature materials for students?

Importance of Collaborative Learning

Please help answer the following question. Please provide at least 200 words and include references. Why is it important for students to learn to work collaboratively such as in learning teams?

Confidentiality of minors

Please help answer the following questions: A 12-year-old student comes to the school counselor and confesses that he is worried about his best friend who gets drunk every weekend and his parents know but do not care. Would this constitute a crisis? Why or why not? Discuss the issues of confidentiality which pertain to this


Q1. What are the two major differences between traditional hazards and the new hazards associated with terrorism? reference Q2. Who is ultimately in charge at the scene of a terrorist incident? reference Q3. Do you think that the dependence of New Orleans on the federal government during Katrina was justified? Money was pr