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Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA)

I need your help with these discussion questions . 1. What are the various agencies and the types of laws that affect education? 2. Who controls public education and who has authority over schools? 3. What are some organizations and functions of various judicial bodies that have an impact on education?

Racial Identity is discussed.

â?¢Identify and analyze the major components that describe how Caucasian Americans adopt a white racial identity. â?¢Define the term â??white guilt.â? Examine the professional issues, needs, and culturally sensitive interventions for this group.

elementary writing

1. How is letting students "choose their own topics- what they care about" useful to preservice/inservice teachers in teaching writing? 2. What are the drawbacks for having students choose their own topics in writing? 3. Why is "rereading" strategy useful to preservice/inservice teachers in teaching writing? 4. How "kee

Assessing Writing Samples for grades 2 and 8

Discuss how you assessed the two writing samples from grades 2 and 8 (attached). Provide your score of the writing samples, offer a summary of why you gave this score, what you noticed about the student's strengths, and recommendations for instruction. How did your score compare to the assessment sample?

Students with ED

1. What characteristics do you associate with a student with an ED? 2. What disorders do you think would fall under ED? 3. What is Positive Behavior Support? 4. How is it similar to the Result to Intervention (RTI) model? 5. Based upon the experiences you have had working with students with an ED, describe the issues you enc

needs assessment and gap analysis

Assume you are the instructional designer in the human resources department of a midsized corporation assigned the task of creating instruction that addresses the appropriate use of personal e-mail and phone calls on company time. What information do you expect to find in the needs assessment and gap analysis?

Intersections of Ethnicity and Class (school counseling)

Think of a time or situation that you experienced personally or witnessed where class mattered. How did it matter? Were you aware of any hidden rules that were applied or felt in the situation? Would Peggy McIntosh's concept of privilege apply to this situation? How? Or why not? What kind of mediation (as discussed in th

Computer software for antivirus and P2P

1: How does antivirus software work? Why is it important for IS managers to ensure that their antivirus software is up to date? With what software are you personally familiar? Provide a critique of the product's effectiveness and usability. 2: What is a peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing program? Why is P2P potentially dangerous

Assess children and predjuices.

There is a widely held belief that children are too young to understand bias and that they don't notice differences. Do you agree or disagree with this belief? Discuss your ideas and relate them to the material presented in Chapter 2 of your text. Defend your position by giving specific details to support your opinions.

Summarize malicious code.

Q1: What is malicious code? What are some of the ways that IS managers can protect their computers against this threat? Do you have any experience with malicious code in your place of business or home computer? Q2: What are the four primary methods by which malicious code can enter a desktop computer? Provide an example of

NCTM Process and Content Standards Brochure

NCTM Process and Content Standards Brochure NO NEED TO PROVIDE BROCHURE JUST THE INFORMATION IS NEEDED! You have been asked by your district to present the NCTM process and content standards for a professional development workshop. You want to highlight the importance of NCTM process standards in the 21st-century mathematics

Ten Questions To Lead Discussion of Educational Standards

When interviewing for a position in teaching or working on a discussion panel of parents and educators, standard based education is highly discussed and debated. Questions regarding how standards affect education and the players involved are currently being asked and answered by many of the players in the educational community.

Gender Bias (school counseloring)

1) Compare the historical and contemporary discriminatory practices against women. 2) Describe how gender bias and sexism affect women professionally regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. 3) What are the proposed issues and culturally sensitive resolutions proposed in the research? 4) Incorporate any person

Writing Instruction K-12

1. Provide insights on 1) poetry writing and 2) rereading techniques. 2. In terms of the ways in which we look at student writing and how we assess developing writers, what do you think of the topics of 1) writing a letter and then take the letter as a basis for an essay, 2) writing poetry, 3) rereading, and/or 4) writing a

Fraction computation is advised.

Using â??Quotientâ? as a representation for fractions, how would you introduce the four operation including 1) addition, 2) subtraction, 3) multiplication, and 4) division? Introduce a word problem for each operation then describe how quotient as a representation for operations is used. Also in detail, describe how you will

Special ed

Read the attached file and answer the followings: 1. Accommodations are usually provided for students with disabilities included in Mr. Calvin's 9th grade history class? 2. What are the characteristics of autism according to Mr. Fuentes? Which of these characteristics does Max have? 3. What are Max's strengths and needs (we

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is exemplified.

Q1: What are substitution ciphers? How do they differ from one-time pads? Which is better for the IS manager to employ? Explain your answer. Q2: What is the Data Encryption Standard (DES)? What is triple DES? How did the Rijndael protocol enhance DES? Q3: What is an intrusion detection system (IDS)? What are the two t

The lesson on vizualizing strategy is described.

Select one lesson, if permitted at your field experience placement site, that you developed for this course and teach it to students in a grade-appropriate classroom. · Reflect on your experience as part of the Field Experience Observation Record, including revisions that you would make to the lesson based on the exper

Computer Lab Rules and Procedures

I need help in creating specific rules and procedures for each of the following areas for students in a computer lab: o Student computer use o Student computer sharing (rotation) o Student computer teaming and team roles o Internet use guidelines o Internet downloads (plug-ins, add-ons) o Stud

Teaching Fractions

Please pick either "quotient" or "ratio" in fractions and provide real math class examples (What kind of activities? how do you teach? Using what materials, visuals, etc?) on the following topics: 1) comparing and ordering 2) relative size of fractions 3) improper and mixed fractions 4) equivalent fractions 5) renami

Information Security Risk is defined.

Q1: Define the concept Information Security risk. Why is risk the underlying concept that forms the basis of computer security? How does Information Security risk influence the decisions made regarding Information Security policy in your organization? Q2: What is the risk management approach? Provide examples of countermea