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The Four Major Components of Assessment

Describe the 4 major components of assessment Purpose, Measurement, Evaluation and Usage and how are these components essential to the overall assessment of students regarding achievement and success.

Blooms taxonomy

What is the overall implementation of Blooms Taxonomy regarding educational objectives and how does this method of instruction show the type of cognition that the students need to demonstrate and how content is learned and applied.

A fundamental pitfall in qualitative research is to confuse the actual observations with the interpretation of the observations. Why is it important that these two things remain distinctly separate?

1. A fundamental pitfall in qualitative research is to confuse the actual observations with the interpretation of the observations. Why is it important that these two things remain distinctly separate? 2. Your chapter identifies several weaknesses related to survey data. Note one of these weaknesses and discuss the associated p

Analyzing Ethical Considerations

Case Studies Case Study A: Medical School Foundation: You are the executive director for a medical school foundation. You have a very active foundation board of directors. The members of the board are dedicated to the mission of the foundation, a majority of the members have significant business experience, and some also

Fundraising and ethics are correlated.

Discuss the arguments for and against various approaches to the Smith Family I.C.U. Case Study involving handling the receipt of gifts tainted by scandal or wrongdoing. Smith Family I.C.U. Case Study Smith was the chief financial officer for Big Business Company â?" an internationa

Learning theories.

Learning theories fall into two major families: behaviorist/connectionist theories and cognitive/gestalt theories.?Behaviorist philosophies include such diverse theorists as Thorndike, Pavlov, Guthrie, Skinner, and Hull. Cognitive theorists include Tolman and the classical gestalt psychologists.? To help me with my paper, ple

Challenging students using NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct as the foundation.

Conflict resolution involving a parent and adequate teaching. A family feels their child's teacher is not challenging their child intellectually. They feel this is because of the dynamics of the class, with children requiring special attention from the teacher which distracts from the "educational/academic" experience their

Annotated Bibliographies

EBook: Beaumie, Kim (2001). Social Constructivism.. In M. Orey (Ed.), Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology. Retrieved (2011), from http://projects.coe.uga.edu/epltt .This summary was created by Buffalo Shuford, Sheri Howard and Daniele Facundo (2006) Journal: Bargh, John A.; Ferguson, Melissa J.

Asymmetrical Power and the War on Terror

Q1. What is asymmetrical power? How does it relate to the war on terror? Q2. What are some of the main factors contributing to increasing global and domestic inequality?

English Only in the Classrooms

English-Only Debate Paper Compare and contrast both sides of the English-only issue and explain your position on the debate. (1) Use the Internet to research at least three to five states' voter-driven initiatives/laws relating to English language learner issues. (2) Compare and contrast each of those laws. (3) E

Characteristics of Multicultural Education

Write a description of one way that multicultural education has been implemented in your school or district. In your description, provide the following: (1)Your evaluation of the program, initiative, and/or strategy in terms of its effectiveness in affirming diversity and developing a climate that is inclusive for all (2)O

Survey interviewer with reliability and validity in obsesity

Your organization has been hired by a local gymnasium to conduct a survey on obesity in your area. Mr. Rogers has just joined your team and will be conducting his first interviews in the field today. He is understandably nervous and asks you for tips on interviewing subjects. What things would you suggest that could help intervi

Identify a commercially produced assessment tool used in an educational setting.

Identify a commercially produced assessment too used in an educational setting. Your project must include the following components for using the tool: h. Description of intended audience. Include at least one table or chart that summarizes demographic information. i. Discussion of how the assessment tool has been used in at

Assessment scenario is explicated.

Suppose you are a school counselor. Your school superintendent is rewriting your job description and asks for your feedback on what role the counselor should have in student performance assessment. There is a debate among counselors, administrators, and teachers about whether school counselors should be involved in test coordina

Four Types of Standards

In your opinion, what is the most important of the four types of the standards to develop? Why?

Peacekeeping and Participation

DQ 1: How would you define peacekeeping and what are some of the basic elements? in general and politics DQ 2: What are some examples of how conventional and unconventional participation are implemented in real life? reference

Beginning vocabulary strategies for ELLs in the classrom

I need help with providing information that will help teachers understand four different vocabulary development approaches. TRP, story-telling, contextual clues and narrative approach, and how to use them in the classroom, I need to do analysis, application, advantages and extension strategies of each one,

FMCR Compliance Benefits

Section 390 is a an example of the regulations telling us what to do, but not how. How would you ensure that all your employees are knowledgeable and comply with the applicable FMCR's?

Independent Safety Consultant

Using the below web site, look up part B section 40.11 of the FMCSA standard. If a (C/TPA ) is hired as an ("independent safety consultant") that executes all aspects of the employer's safety, drug and alcohol testing program, can the (C/TPA) act as a (DER)?

Learning Organization is exemplfied.

Discuss how the term "Learning Organization" is defined and established, and how learning organizations might be created and sustained. We know that adult education and training can take place in both formal and informal settings. What are some of the variables between them you might?

Interview Questions for Teachers

Create a set of 12-15 questions that will be used to interview five veteran teachers (3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of experience, respectively) regarding current issues in education and their personal education philosophy.

Phys Ed class observation questionnaire

Observe a physical education or health education lesson for levels K-8 that is at least 30 minutes long. If you are observing a physical education lesson, it must be taught by a physical education specialist. Interview the teacher after the lesson using the questions included on the Observation Interview Questionnaire. ( the

Pros & Cons of NCLB's 5 Principles and Diverse Learners

What are the pros and cons of the NCLB five principles? Strong accountability Expanded flexibility and control Methods based on scientific research Expanded options for parents Highly qualified teachers How does it affect diverse learners?