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Pearson Data Is a Great Assessment Tool!

Identify a commercially produced assessment too used in an educational setting. Your project must include the following components for using the tool:

h. Description of intended audience. Include at least one table or chart that summarizes demographic information.
i. Discussion of how the assessment tool has been used in at least three educational settings to obtain data on student achievement or improve instruction
j. Characteristics of the assessment tool
k. How validity and reliability has been established
l. Description of scoring procedures
m. How you would use the results of the assessment to improve instruction and learning
n. Assessment tool and scoring procedure (or link to the tool)

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The best assessment tool that I have used thus far in education is Pearson (http://www.pearsonassessments.com/pai/ca/research/ToolsUtilities/reslist.htm.) This system was purchased by our district to enhance our Professional Learning Community model. Within this model, students (K-12) take at least four common assessments in each of their four core academics each year. Within Pearson, we are able to input our testing items, answers, and the common core standards they address. When the students complete the assessment, you simply ...

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This article briefly examines some of the positives for utilizing Pearson Data tools for analyzing assessment results.