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    Technology Tools in Education

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    List 3 technology-based tools that can be used for educational instruction. For each tool, answer the following:
    - How can each tool be used for assessment?
    - How can each tool be used for collaboration?
    - What is the instructional value of each tool?

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    1. Digital Camera (p 147- 148)
    a. Taking pictures- can be useful when documenting a science experiment or for a photography class
    b. Pictures can easily be uploaded to a computer and shared almost instantly with others
    c. For teachers, digital camera give the teacher the ability to see what the student is trying to describe or capture in "real time". For instance, in a science project the teacher may ask the student to photograph and describe the stages as the experiment progresses.

    2. Tablet PC (p 151- ...

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    Technology tools in education are examined.