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Four Types of Standards

In your opinion, what is the most important of the four types of the standards to develop? Why?

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While I am especially fond of and drawn towards history/social studies, after much thought, analyzing and considerations, I will have to go with mathematics as being the most prudent and import to develop (generally, it depends on the person), overall considering the mass of the school age (and all age), population (both male and female), in the United States of America. I say this because the world we live in now is not based on routine, but it is based on critical thinking, interpreting, analyzing, understanding the odds, methodologies (which are always changing) and the use of substitutions and variables. These skills need to often times be performed quickly and efficiently of course, too. It (the linear thinking skills math develops), are also very useful for things like pricing, financing and ...

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A personal reaction to the four types of standards is discussed. The Expert presents their argument why math skills are the most important to develop in 541 words.