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Explanation of the different learning theories.

Learning theories fall into two major families: behaviorist/connectionist theories and cognitive/gestalt theories.?Behaviorist philosophies include such diverse theorists as Thorndike, Pavlov, Guthrie, Skinner, and Hull. Cognitive theorists include Tolman and the classical gestalt psychologists.?

To help me with my paper, please give an overview of one of the?two major learning theory families and discuss how that theory may provide shape and structure to an adult education program.

Thank you.

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Behaviorist or connectionist theories measure behaviors that can be observed. Watching how an individual reacts to stimuli and what types of behaviors are displayed. This response can be reinforced with either positive or negative feedback. Rewarding an individual is one way to reinforce positive behaviors, grounding a teenager is a way to eliminate negative behaviors.
Using the behaviorist approach in education places little or no emphasis or responsibility on individual learning. How or why the knowledge was learned is not a concern of the ...

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